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Many of us have trouble relating to the prayer, “God, give us this day our daily bread.” Because our pantries are so packed and our bellies so full, we seldom ask for food. More likely, we need to ask for self-control and say, “God, help me not to eat so much.”

You won’t find books on surviving starvation, but you will find shelves loaded with books on losing weight. That doesn’t negate the importance of the prayer, however. Just the opposite. We pray only to find our prayer already answered!  At some point it occurs to you that someone is providing for your needs.

You take a giant step in maturity when you agree with King David’s words in 2nd Chronicles 29:14, “Everything we have has come from You, and we only give You what is Yours already.” Long before you knew you needed someone to provide for your needs, God already had!

from The Great House of God

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The Moment with Kurt Warner & Max Lucado


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Graveside Grief


A Personal Note from Max Lucado…

Our hearts go out to Rick and Kay Warren. Since we heard the news of their son’s sudden passing, my wife Denalyn and I have felt such sadness on their behalf. I’m sure you have felt the same. The Warrens, who mean so much to so many of us, find themselves facing what no parent ever wants to face.

In my years as a pastor, the most difficult hours have been those in which I have watched parents bid farewell to their children. Thinking of those in our congregation, thinking of Rick and Kay, I wrote this prayer.


They never planned to bring their child here, Father.

They planned to bring their child to school, to the zoo, to kindergarten, to the beach…

But here? No.

To piano lessons? Yes.

To soccer fields? Yes.

To graduation? Yes.

But here? Never. No parent plans to bring his child here.

Children bring parents here. Isn’t that the order of things? Sons and daughters bury moms and dads. Who can bear the weight of this reversal? Who can stand to stand near the grave of their child?

Such a deep sorrow. This elixir of regret, remorse, second thoughts, and “if onlys”… Who can abide its taste?

We pray for these parents, Father. Our kindest words fall like empty husks. Help us  know how to help them.

You know. You’ve been here.

You brought your Son to a cemetery. You witnessed the silent tomb. Yet, you resurrected hope from that tragedy.

Would you bring hope again?

Through Jesus,


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