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Election Matters

No time to be silent

Seven weeks until polling day

Seizing the opportunity to speak with one voice about the really big issues

Seeing our nation depart from God's good pattern may tempt us toward political disengagement. But it is a temptation we must resist.

The current situation makes it all the more important that the voice of Jesus is heard in the political debate. We cannot allow fear or despair to drive us to silence. We need to speak up, together, with clarity and confidence, of the God of hope.
Our nation is at a crossroads. She desperately needs to hear of a different way, of light in the darkness.

It's not just polling day on 7th May that matters. It's the next seven weeks. In one of the closest and least predictable elections of recent times, candidates will be eager for votes and many will be prepared to engage with Christians.

We need to seize the opportunity to speak about what matters most. The politicians may want to talk about the economy, the NHS and immigration but we also want them to talk about more fundamental issues - e.g. the protection of life, the promotion of marriage and family, the importance of Christian freedoms and the value of the Christian framework for our society.

If Christians across the country are raising these issues - at hustings, on the doorstep, in emails, on social media - then candidates will find it harder to ignore them, especially as we highlight some of the recent steps forward (e.g. the Equality and Human Rights Commission research). 

We want to help you and your church to make the most of this opportunity to speak up for Jesus and for His pattern for life during this election campaign.

Shortly, to coincide with the official start of the election campaign, we'll be launching a special online portal to help you engage. But even now there are many ways that you can take action and join a growing movement so that God's agenda is not missing from the political debate this election season.

Serving voters by informing them 

We're looking for volunteers to help ensure that voters can make an informed decision on 7th May.  Many people simply don't know where their MP stands on key issues - e.g. whether they voted for a ban on 'gender-abortion' or for the re-definition of marriage. We're planning simple information leaflets that can be distributed in constituencies and will include the views of other candidates, where we have it. Could you help us inform voters? If so, please get in touch.
Volunteer to help inform voters in your area

Equipping your church to engage

How is your church planning to equip members to prepare for the election? We will soon have resources - including church packs - to help Sunday congregations and small groups think through the issues and provide tools to engage. We can also provide materials for church bookstalls and leaflet racks - and ideas for church leaders. It's important that as many Christians as possible are equipped to take action. Contact us and we will send you copies as soon as they are available.

Making the most of every tool, to speak truth

Facebook and Twitter provide new opportunities to engage directly with candidates and to raise important issues. Please make the most of them. Find out if your candidates use Twitter or Facebook using this tool. Even if you don't use them already, could you open a Facebook or Twitter account just for the election, so that you're not excluded from these increasingly important platforms. 
Email us for a brief guide on how to join Twitter and for ideas on how to use it during the election.
Request our brief guide to using Twitter for electoral impact

Connect with us on social media

Please join Christian Concern on social media - together our voice is stronger

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'One stop shop' for election engagement

We'll soon be launching our online 'election portal', packed full of tools and resources to help Christians speak up for God's pattern for society.  Thank you to all those who have provided information about the candidates, hustings and local contacts in their constituencies. If you have information or could find out more about what is happening in your area, please get in touch so that we can update our records. Building an accurate national picture helps us all.
Tell our election team what's happening in your area

Standing as a candidate

If you're standing as a candidate in either the General Election or local elections or you're thinking of doing so, please let us know. We may be able to help with information and in letting others in your area know. In fact, if you already hold elected office, we would love to hear from you, even if you are not standing in an election this year. It would be valuable to build up a national picture of how many Christians are serving their community through political office.

Making sure that you're registered

Are you registered to vote on 7th May? Eligible voters need to make sure that they are registered to vote by 20th April. New applications for postal votes need to be received by 5pm on 21st April. The process for registering to vote has changed since the last General Election. If you're eligible to vote, please make sure that you are registered. Find out more here. What about your family, friends and others at church? Please encourage them to make sure that they are registered.


I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. (1 Timothy 2:1 - 2). 

As the election approaches, please pray that God will:
  • Raise up good candidates and that they will be elected.
  • Motivate Christians across the country to seize the opportunity of the election period and speak with one voice about the big issues that face our country, especially the protection of life, God's pattern for marriage and family, the freedom to live and speak for Jesus and the vital place of a Christian framework for society.
  • Provide wisdom, energy and resources for Christian Concern's election team and all those working with us across the country.
  • Do something remarkable in the midst of this uncertain political landscape and bring people to a true knowledge of Himself.

Please help us to equip you and others

Tell our election team what's happening in your area

Thank you for your partnership

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