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Christian Concern to appeal judgment on 'DIY' abortions

Two High Court judges have upheld government decision to allow at-home abortion
Thank you so much for praying and for all your support as we have challenged the government's decision to allow dangerous DIY abortions during the lockdown.

I'm also deeply grateful for our advocate Michael Phillips' tireless and excellent work putting our case to the High Court. 
Sadly, our request for judges to review this disastrous policy wasn’t granted.
But it’s not over. And our legal challenge is already revealing details about how the pro-abortion lobby so often get their way.

The evidence in the case has began to expose how the abortion industry has captured the Department of Health. The case has already exposed that if pro-abortion lobbyists want something to happen, they can contact their insiders and get it done.

One key civil servant in the case worked simultaneously for Public Health England and abortion provider Marie Stopes UK!

These aren't clinical experts simply advising on best practice. They're campaigners like BPAS executive Ann Furedi who calls for abortion at any stage, for any reason.
We want to appeal this case, but we need to do much more than that – we need to continue to expose the abortion industry’s privileged access to the heart of government and the untold damage caused to women and babies because of their influence.
Please find out more about the case through the information below.

And please help us keep the pressure on - making sure that the government cannot simply ignore the value of unborn children and the damage abortion causes.

Andrea Williams
Chief Executive
Christian Concern
Read and watch more about our legal challenge on our website
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Advice to government was 'misleading'

Former MP, the Rt Hon. Ann Widdecombe, shares how the move was made undemocratically: "this is ministers tearing up an assurance that was given to Parliament and on the basis of which Parliament voted." 
In today's High Court hearing, the court heard that misleading evidence had been used by abortion providers and their allies in the civil service to strong-arm the government into allowing home abortions.

In his statement, submitted by Christian Concern's legal team, independent witness Kevin Duffy, former Global Director of Clinics Development at Marie Stopes International, described a statement made by Andrea Duncan, a senior civil servant at the Department of Health, as 'misleading', saying that it had omitted key information which would have helped the government's decision-making process.

Documents shown to court reveal that Ann Furedi, chief executive of BPAS, saw the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to ask for what BPAS wanted anyway: to expand abortion provision to women's homes.

After Health Secretary Matt Hancock had explicitly told Parliament that he would not be changing the law on abortion, Ms Furedi emailed Ms Duncan calling this a "bizarre decision to cause women travel to stand in a clinic foyer to swallow a pill that could have been sent to her at home."

Discussions between abortion providers and the Department of Health took place in March, with the publication of a new policy being released later that same month.

'Relentless influence of the abortion industry'

Andrea Duncan's statement revealed that the abortion industry had been pressuring the government to allow home abortion without proper medical supervision throughout March in response to the challenges of coronavirus.

In a letter copied to Ms Duncan from Ann Furedi, Ms Furedi highlighted the work that BPAS were doing to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic including "risk-assessing the continued provision of our services in circumstances where women who need to terminate a pregnancy may be unable to attend treatment units, and also when units may be short of staff, or need to close."

Various meetings and letters followed between the Department of Health and abortion providers such as BPAS and Marie Stopes arguing that ought to be home use for both abortion pills for early medical abortion up to 10 weeks' gestation, and arguing that women's homes should class as a place where abortions could take place.

On 23 March, emails disclosed in Ms Duncan's statement reveal that later that evening, Matt Hancock MP became aware of the legislation and demanded that it be pulled.

This evidence was backed up by expert witness Dr Gregory Gardner's assessment that the government's decision to allow home abortions risked serious harm and injury to women as well as increased risk of coercion to have an abortion.

Witnesses also included former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, who said: "Parliament was told one thing. Government is doing another and that says it all."
Dr Trevor Stammers, a former GP, says that we are heading into uncharted territory by introducing DIY abortions: "Everything the Abortion Act was said to deliver has been exceeded by a cheapening of life."

Could you continue your support?

We're deeply grateful to God for all the generous gifts Christian Concern supporters have already made to make this challenge possible.

The government has applied for us to pay legal costs.

If you haven't already made a gift to support this work, it's not too late. Every gift makes a difference. No amount is too small.

Could you donate today to help us stand up for God's precious gift of life?

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