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Hope For Our Nation

February 2016

Dear friends,

You might have heard people criticise Christianity for being “intolerant”. Many of our Christian Legal Centre clients are falsely accused of this. This can sometimes prevent us from speaking about Jesus.

But speaking of Jesus Christ is the most compassionate thing we can do, because He’s the only one who can bring true freedom and human flourishing to our nation.
This is why at Christian Concern, we seek to keep Jesus Christ at the centre of everything we do: at the centre of all our legal cases, at the centre of all our campaigns, and at the centre of our nation.

By God’s grace, we've seen some encouraging victories in recent months. The ruling against a street preacher has been reversed, a Christian couple have won the right to appeal in an adoption case, and we've been able to find refuge for persecuted believers from a Muslim background.
But these highlights are just a fraction of the volume of our work. There’s so much more to do. 
We can only handle the volume of work in front of us with your partnership. A gift of £10, £25 or £50 would help us keep speaking of Jesus Christ in public life, the only hope for our nation. Could you give today, so that we can continue to speak of Him?
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The highlights below are just a recent snapshot of our work. To read more news, order a paper copy of our full Hope for Our Nation newsletter. You can also order extra free copies for your church or friends.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel, it’s a great encouragement.

Yours in Him 
Andrea Minichiello Williams
Chief Executive, Christian Concern and Christian Legal Centre
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What your support has achieved

Cases: Greater success, greater challenges

Paul Diamond, Standing Counsel to the Christian Legal Centre, says: "The volume of cases we handle has increased incredibly in the last three years, which means that there’s often tremendous pressure. Despite these challenges, we’ve seen more successes in the past year, especially in the area of freedom of speech with our street preacher cases. We’re now at the stage where our cases set benchmarks that genuinely challenge the direction of the nation."
Yes, I want to challenge the direction of the nation

Court decision vindicates street preacher

When a man demanded that Taunton street preacher Mike Overd discuss homosexuality with him, Mike explained from the Bible that God does not condone homosexual acts. For this, Mike was charged with a public order offence and ordered to pay costs and compensation to the man. We were able to help Mike free of charge – because of support from people like you – as he successfully appealed the decision. The judge overturned the earlier ruling, citing insufficient evidence.

Progress in Christian family case

John and Mary Brown (names changed) adopted two brothers and looked after them for three years. Social workers were suspicious of the Browns’ Christian faith and, following a minor incident, took the boys into care. A Family Court Judge refused to return them to their parents. In a positive ruling, the Court of Appeal ordered a retrial. The judges questioned whether the Family Court had given proper weight to the good parenting that the boys had been given before they were taken away.

Defending life and freedom

Other cases continue with the support of God’s people that allow us to provide our services free of charge. We’re supporting Core Issues Trust, which faces a £100,000 costs order in its case against Transport for London. At stake is the freedom to say that change is possible for those with unwanted same-sex attraction. We’re also supporting Aisling Hubert in her efforts to protect pre-born baby girls, and Nikki Kenward, who continues to fight for safe end-of-life laws.

Equipping the next generation

New Wilberforce Academy Director Dr. Joe Boot says: "The academy seeks to equip the next generation of Christian leaders in public life with a Christ-centred theology of culture, enabling them to influence society at every level with Biblical truth. There are now excellent opportunities to refine and develop the curriculum, establish a core faculty and expand an ongoing programme for academy alumni members. Please be in prayer for the growing Wilberforce Academy vision."

Safehaven for Muslim-background believers 

Pastor Ade Omooba, Co-Founder of Christian Concern, says: "We’re not used to hearing about Christians from a Muslim background being persecuted in the UK. But I assure you it is happening. In Bradford in November, two men violently beat Nissar Hussain because he is a convert from Islam. These kind of incidents led us to set up Safe Haven, a ministry that provides refuge for Christians from a Muslim background. Let us pray that many of these believers find refuge in Him."
It’s your support that makes all this work possible. To see us keep speaking of Jesus Christ in public life, please give a gift of £10, £25, £50, or whatever you’re able.
Keep speaking of Jesus Christ in public life
If you’d like to read more about these cases and campaigns, please order a full length edition of our Hope for Our Nation newsletter. Feel free to order multiple copies for your friends or for your church.
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