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Court of Appeal rules against Christian public servant

Today's ruling declines to protect freedom of speech
The Court of Appeal has ruled today that it was lawful for a Christian non-executive NHS director and magistrate to be sacked for expressing in the media that children do best when raised by a mother and a father.

Richard Page was suspended from the magistracy and forced out of a role at an NHS Trust, after explaining on television that he had been discriminated against for his Christian beliefs on parenting while presiding over an adoption case.
After a six-year legal battle seeking justice against the decisions to remove him from both roles, today’s judgment has instead taken a significant step in developing further limitations on freedom of speech for Christians in the workplace.

Mr Page now intends to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.
Read Andrea's comment on the case
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Read the judgment (Magistracy)
Read the judgment (NHS)

New video tells Richard's story

Last night we premiered a video explaining the case up until today's judgment. It's inspiring to see the real Richard behind the case - a man full of integrity who has served the Lord and the public faithfully.
Watch the video

An 'artificial way to exclude Christian beliefs'

Andrea commented on the ruling:

"This is the first time the Court of Appeal has endorsed the perverse distinction between unlawful discrimination for Christian beliefs and lawfully dismissing someone for offending an LGBT audience by expressing those beliefs.

"This is simply an artificial way to exclude Christian beliefs from the protection of the law. Nobody would get away with applying a similar distinction to any other protected characteristic. You would not get away with dismissing a homosexual for coming out as a homosexual, and then saying: "we duly respect your sexual orientation as long as you keep it to yourself". This is an unfair and chilling decision, and the Supreme Court should put it right."

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Thank you for all your generous support that has allowed us to stand with Richard and with other Christians. By God's grace, we will continue to uphold Christian freedoms, whatever the cost.

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