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Less than a week to go!

As we enter the final week before the official launch of the Not Ashamed campaign on Wednesday 1st December, we’re delighted to announce various exciting developments. We'll be releasing further details about Wednesday's launch over the next few days.

Lord Carey is Not Ashamed

Lord Carey's leafletLord Carey’s Christmas leaflet, written specially for the Not Ashamed campaign, is now available for order. In it, he highlights the great benefit that the Christian Faith has brought to our nation over many years and well the current challenges to that heritage before challenging readers to receive rather than reject Jesus Christ.

The leaflet has space to either stamp or stick contact details or information about Christmas services on the back, providing a good opportunity to promote your church’s Christmas activities in the local area. It’s also small enough to fit inside many Christmas cards.

We hope that many churches and individuals will distribute copies to friends, neighbours, colleagues and homes in the local area. You can view the leaflet here, read the text here and order packs here. We would love to see it delivered to homes across the country in partnership with local churches.

Promoting Not Ashamed

It’s not too late to promote Not Ashamed at your church ahead of the official launch next Wednesday. Why not show a short video clip, display posters, collect signatures for the declaration or sell Not Ashamed items? You can order a special church pack to help you here and some items are available for download here.  For other ideas of how you can spread the word, click here and for prayer suggestions click herePlease encourage people to sign the declaration ahead of Wednesday's launch.

Local initiatives

We’ve been encouraged to hear of local initiatives to mark the official launch. If you’re planning something, please let us know and please take photos / video of the occasion and send us details. 

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo

Further support from Christian leaders

The Bishop of Peterborough, Patrick Sookhdeo and Rachel Hickson are amongst others who have recently spoken of their support for Not Ashamed. You can read and watch what has been said here and here.


Please pray for the Not Ashamed campaign and especially that the official launch next week will increase the profile of the initiative and give rise to good opportunities to speak to leading figures in public life about Jesus Christ, the only true hope for our nation. Perhaps you could include such prayers at church this Sunday? For prayer suggestions, please click here.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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