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Action Alert

Our children's futures are on the line. It's time to act.

The government is changing rules on Relationships and Sex Education in 2020.
With children going back to school this month, we’ve been raising awareness about many of the problems with the way LGBT issues are covered in primary schools.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) will become mandatory in 2020 but many schools are already rushing to implement the new scheme, or teaching the same topics in unhelpful and harmful ways.
We want to see the children in our homes and in our churches protected from harm.

It’s easy to feel powerless as if there’s nothing you can do. But if you are a parent or guardian, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to help. And even if you don't have school-aged children yourself, you can make a difference by spreading awareness with parents you know.

Either way, there’s a lot you can do, right now, to shape what children are being taught in these lessons. In fact, there’s never been a more important time, since what happens this year will help shape what happens in 2020 when some opt-outs are removed.

Watch this video explaining what the law is and what your rights as a parent are.

Read six initial steps you can take to protect your children in school.

Download a template letter you could send to a headteacher about RSE. NB this is a Word document that in most cases will download directly.

Follow the yellow and blue buttons to find six initial steps you can take to protect your child and a template for if you want to write to the school to find out what is being taught and why. 
Six steps to stop children from being taught harmful RSE
Download an example letter to a head teacher

“It has no educational value, it’s not critical, it’s not objective and it breaches your parental rights, and it can be challenged.”

RSE will be confusing and harmful to children, but it will also be deeply confusing for parents. Many headteachers and liberal lobby groups will make you feel that you have no rights or say, but you do, and it is crucial to understand what the law clearly says. Watch Christian Legal Centre's Roger Kiska expose and explain what is happening, what you need to be aware of and how you can act. 
What do parents, schools and governors need to know?

Watch the Christian Legal Centre's Roger Kiska explain RSE regulations (17 min)

The new provisions on opt-outs may not be entirely legal

Read Roger's four legal points that parents need to know about RSE
10,000 Dresses, a story about a boy being encouraged to dress as a girl, is just one of many educational books that will be introduced into schools. The question is: have you the parents been consulted before their introduction as the law clearly states you should be? 

State indoctrination rather than education

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern, said: "True love speaks, and now is the time at the start of this school year to speak and act on Relationships and Sex Education in our schools. A new state sponsored ideology has entered the classroom intent on normalising LGBT relationships to the youngest in our society and confusing a whole generation on what it means to be human. It cannot go unchallenged.
"The government and many schools do not want parents to know what is being taught in the classroom or how, which not only does not allow for any questioning or opposition, but is also unlawful.  

"The futures of our precious and wonderfully made children are on the line. Now is the time to speak and act through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ for them and for the truth. So I ask you to read and watch our material, ask and press headteachers on what is being taught and why, and in so doing protect your children and help us expose what is happening.

"And finally, I ask you to share this material with your church leadership and members and to urgently pray. Pray for parents, children and teachers across the country at the start of this school year, pray for significant change and wisdom in our government's approach to the issue, and pray for us as we seek to expose the damage this new programme will cause and as we continue to support clients already affected by its dangerous ideology."
Five bad reasons for RSE and five things you can do about it
Have a question? Contact the Christian Legal Centre

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