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Update for Readers

Issue 6/2014

A fortnightly update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.
Sydney Writers' Festival
I spent a couple of days at the end of last week at The Sydney Writers’ Festival.

The highlight was a session with author David Malouf. It was hard to choose from the wide and varied program, but I fitted in: 
  • Legacy of Harry Seidler
  • Crime Writing
  • Writing Great TV with writers of Rake and Redfern Now
  • Novelists and Politics 
  • Exploring the Australian Psyche
There were lots of people around, and plenty of coffee line queue-rage and raised elbows.

The trouble with the Festival is that it continues to operate in a bubble where the self-publishing/e-book revolution hasn’t occurred yet. I'm looking forward to the day when one of the self-publishing success stories (like Hugh Howey, Amanda Hocking or CJ Lyons) is a headline speaker.
Facebook Follies
Apart from my own page on Facebook and my Author page, I've been experimenting with a couple of other pages on Facebook as a way of finding an audience in things I'm interested in - food and architecture.  I've got potential writing projects in both those areas sitting deep on the "potentials" list.

Check them out and "like" them if it's the sort of thing you'd like to see popping up in your Facebook feed,

What I Don't Want to See on a Sushi Roll. This started out as a list of 10 things, and now I post either stupid, interesting or delicious looking food links - but they all have in common that I wouldn't want to see them on a sushi roll.  My recent favorites are Beef Jerky Undies and Cream Collon Biscuits.  And bacon bowls.  You get the idea.

Kitschitecture Inspired by a trip to Perth, I started posting photos of houses that fitted the definition of "kitschitecture" - when budget exceeds good taste in domestic architecture. I post regularly both prime examples of kitschitecture but also architectural curiosities and buildings of note.

Check them out!
News and New Releases
Nanna's Cooking Tips ebook has joined Nanna's Driving Tips and Nanna's Travel Tips in the collection of short, humourous and slightly unhinged advice books from Nanna. Check out The Wisdom of Nanna here.

Meanwhile, Nanna's Travel Tips received a lovely new review during the week: 
Nanna's Travel Tips was as side-splitting as its near complete honesty. Laugh all you trip takers, laugh now. But, be warned, not all of the tips are just for laughs. Get what I mean? Listen with an open mind and pay attention to the "between the lines". There is very valuable information in this book. This is a real keeper!
No Room in The Bin was supposed to be finished at Christmas time, but is finally out as number 6 in the Live-Fiction series. It almost feels like a real series now!

"No Room in the Bin" is a novella about insecurity, suburban envy and bin rage.  

It's available in ebook here as part of the Live-Fiction series. 
If you're counting, that makes 3 new releases in May. Yesterday I made it 4, with the release of the novel "Warm Honey", another collaboration with Steve McAlpine, available now in ebook here.

Life under the bleaching Perth sun is becoming complex for twenty-something Rob. With the encouragement of Charis, his new girlfriend, Rob leaves behind years of procrastination and finally attempts to contact his estranged father. Together, they have to deal with an unfolding family tragedy and the ghosts of the past.

Next issue: The Interview, the story behind Warm Honey, and What's Next?
What you can do
Keep the feedback coming!  And don't forget to pass this email on to at least one reader friend of yours this week.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear more about as a reader in the 21st century!

Happy Reading

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