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Update for Readers

Issue 5/2014

A fortnightly update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.
Plotting Vs Pantsing
Authors often divide themselves up into "Plotters" and "Pantsers" - those who work out what's going to happen ahead of writing, and those who work it out paragraph by paragraph.

I'm definitely in the "Plotter" camp - although this doesn't mean that the story doesn't change as it's being written.

I had the chance last week to use an 8 m long whiteboard for a few hours, and outlined two follow up novels to The Queensberry Rule. The original was first conceived as a screenplay, so I again used a "screenplay" three act structure as the high level framework for the plots. The "How to Write a Screenplay" books are pretty consistent on how they say most mainstream movies are structured - how long the 3 acts are (30min/60min/30min) and the sort of plot devices that can be used to drive the story through the turning points.  Oh, and how to avoid the story going off the rails in the second half of the second act.

As for the characters, the main ones are well developed already, but the outline includes their new goals and challenges - and the conflict that results because of these.
This is what it looked like.  One panel per act, one novel in the top half, the other in the bottom half.

Next step is to work through the outlines with co-author Steve McAlpine and refine them, then do chapter by chapter story beats. Normally, the outline approaches 10% of the final word count of the work, so in this case it will be 6-7,000 words.
This sets us up to write the first draft fairly quickly - I will be aiming for doing that over 2-3 weeks for each book, depending on competing work pressures at the time.

Will keep you posted.
What is Flipboard?
For those with iPads, FlipBoard is a fantastic "magazine" style app that helps you navigate content in a simple way. You can subscribe to "magazines" on almost any subject, and make you own.

Each magazine is really just a curated selection of webpages, blog posts, tweets and Facebook shares that the curator has selected to be included.  
Sitting flipping through your FlipBoard is a classic multi-tasking activity while watching the TV, or it can turn a boring train trip into a fun exploration of new content.

I've set up a few magazines on FlipBoard, including They're in different stages of development, but with blog posts and tweets already written on all these subjects, it's a way of finding a new audience for the material.

So, download Flipboard and have a go.
News and New Releases
Nanna's Travel Tips ebook is now joined by Nanna's Driving Tips and both of these books are now available in paperback.

Check out The Wisdom of Nanna here.
Big news in sport in Australia this week is that a number of football players in two codes are about to be given "show cause" notices from the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority over club-sponsored "supplement" programs from a couple of years ago.

"Performance Anxiety" is a novella about a footballer waiting for the call - he doesn't know if he's clean or not, so doesn't know what his future holds.

It's available in ebook here as part of the Live-Fiction series. 
Next issue I'll explain a few of my side projects that I refer to as "Facebook Follies", and let you know about the interview I gave last week that will go live on The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast on the 28th.
What you can do
Keep the feedback coming!  And don't forget to pass this email on to at least one reader friend of yours this week.

Hope you like the new, clean format for the newsletter. Let me know what you think.

Happy Reading

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