Update 2013#4

Diary of The 17th Man - Blog, Podcast, eBook

Into cricket in any way?  You may or may not have hooked into the daily read of  The Diary of the 17th Man blog. Maybe you've been listening to the little 3 minute (almost) daily podcast (find it on iTunes here).  Either way, you can now buy the collected diary entries from Australia's Tour of India by The 17th Man as an ebook called From Dust to Dust - here.  Just 99c until Friday 5 April - after that, still a bargain at $4.99.  Click here to tell your contacts on twitter.

First Book NOW In Print

Now for sale at - Cracks in the Ceiling paper back. It's US$12.99 plus p+p.  Next stop, From Dust to Dust and The Queensberry Rule.

What you can do

  • Tell your friends about The Diary of the 17th Man.  Even better, buy the ebook as a momento (cough cough) of the Tour of India.
  • My offer of a free ebook when people sign up to this mailing list is still open!  Tell your friends.
  • If you're a twitter user, click here to tell your followers about The Queensberry Rule.

What's Next?

Things are progressing well with a couple of projects
  • Crack (Advanced Smash Repairs Episode 5) is finished in first draft, and the final episode is plotted out.  The end is in sight!
  • Writing for The Diary of the 17th Man - straight into the IPL and then the Champions Trophy and The Ashes
  • The first short story in a new series called "Red Tablet Stories" is under development

Regular blogging at has slowed down a bit due to demands of The 17th Man - but more is on the way.