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Update for Readers

Issue 14/2014

An update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.
More Free Audio
Another great source from free audio books is Podiobooks. They are released in podcast form, so you can download them book by book from iTunes to your favourite device.

After a lot of messing about, I've been approved as a producer for Podiobooks.  The recording  of Warm Honey is complete, and will soon be available in that format.

I'll let you know when Warm Honey is available there.  In the meantime, check the site out at

Dad's Cricket Diary

I’ve started working on a new side project spinning off from The Diary of the 17th Man. It’s “Dad’s Cricket Diary” – the occasional musings of a 50-something dad who decides to return to the cricket field after a 25 year absence.

It’s not really autobiographical, but let’s just say that after playing cricket and spending a lot of time watching my sons play, the well of funny, weird and tragic cricket stories is pretty full.

Dad’s Cricket Diary is being released entry by entry on  You can start reading here.

Of course, later on, there will probably be a book.

New Release

Zoe and Will are a couple of Gen Ys working deep in the bowels of a major bank’s IT department. Work is pretty boring until they start to mess around with the bank’s website - and it’s not long before things really start to get interesting.

If you’ve ever just clicked “I Agree” without reading the Terms and Conditions, this story will make you think twice.

I Agree is available now at amazon, and will appear in the upcoming compilation "Se7en Deadlies" as the story exploring "Sloth."

Coming Soon: "The Dinner Party", the final story for Se7en Deadlies. Theme: Lust

Five FunLinks to Explore
A few fun things from the web for you this week: Come across something fun that other readers might like to discover? Send it in via return email.
What you can do
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If you're interested in more detail about my writing process, I'm posting weekly Work In Progress posts on my blog - the archive of these is here.

Happy Reading

Next issue: Next issue will be on about 19 November
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