Update 2013#2

First Book Club appearance

It was a bit scary, but on Monday night I made my first guest appearance at a book club as the author of a book under discussion.  It was a fantastic priviledge to hear 8 people talk about The Queensberry Rule and some of the issues raised in it. 
I had prepared some discussion questions here to kick things along, and they seemed to work OK.
If you're in a book club, why not suggest The Queensberry Rule or Cracks in the Ceiling when it's your turn to nominate a book for the group in 2013?

What you can do

A huge THANKYOU to the five people who posted reviews for The Queensberry Rule after the last newsletter - we're up to 11 now, and looking very respectable.  If you've read the book, why not join them?  And while you're there, hit the LIKE button as well.
  • As I've said before, reviews are gold for authors, so if you've read and enjoyed The Queensberry Rule, pop over to and write a review.  Click here:
  • My offer of a free ebook when people sign up to this mailing list is still open!  Tell your friends.
  • If you're a twitter user, click here to tell your followers about The Queensberry Rule

Like Shorts?

I might have mentioned this before, I'm a huge short story fan and one of my weekly podcast listens is Selected Shorts. An hour of fantastic short fiction, read by well known actors.  Find it on itunes.
I've started experimenting with doing some recording of my short fiction for an audiobook.  My current thinking is to use Podiobooks to get onto itunes, starting with the three stories in 15 Civic Square.  With so much noise around in the suburbs during the day and from computer equipment etc, I've set up my recording studio in a cupboard.

What's Next?

Things are progressing well with a couple of projects
  • Scratch (Advanced Smash Repairs Episode 3) is finally finished in second draft. A few people are test reading it this week. I currently plotting the last three episodes and will then try to get through them as quickly as possible so I can launch the series and back it up with weekly releases.
  • The second novel co-written with Steve McAlpine, "Warm Honey", is a family drama set under the blistering Perth sun. This is well advanced and currently in editing phase.
  • I have dared to write a one paragraph outline to "The Queensberry Rule 2."  This will please some of you, I know.

I'm going OK with the regular blogging ( aiming for a movie/DVD review each week on Wednesdays, as well as more regular short "flash fiction" updates on Fridays.  Latest reviews are Inside Job, about the financial crisis, and Fight Club, one of the influences on The Queensberry Rule.  Coming up soon will be Falling Down and The Firm, two other movies that are in the DNA of The Queensberry Rule.  Other suggestions welcome.