From Dave 2014#2

A fortnightly update for lovers of contemporary fiction

What is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a social media style reading and writing site. The community there interacts about stories they read.
It has been cruelly said that the best way to generate interest on Wattpad is to write One Direction fan fiction. There is much more to it than that, with writers publishing works in progress to test reader reaction.  Readers can comment on and vote for stories that can then rise up the "charts" and become more visible to the rest of the community.
There's a neat iPad app if you like to read on your tablet. I've got a few stories on Wattpad, you can read them here


Thanks for all the messages of encouragement about my first speaking gig as an author on 20 March.  It went really well, with lots of questions about writing and the self-publishing process, as well as some deeper discussions about long term management of our literary and information heritages. There was particular interest in the "print on demand" services now offered by the likes of amazon.

If you're part of a community group that has guest speakers, I'd be happy to come along and lead a discussion. 

Week X

I've started doing a weekly post on my blog stocktaking my actual production each week - so you can all see how I'm going against my target of having as many "10,000 Word Weeks" as possible.  So far, I'm one from two. 

Coming Soon

Botox Apocalypse is complete and with beta readers. It will be available within 2 weeks.
Sunshine on Boerewors, the story of the recent South Africa Tour from Diary of the 17th Man, will be available by the end of next week.

Coming up: What is

Don't forget to love your favourite authors with reviews of their books on amazon and Goodreads.

Happy reading!