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Update for Readers

Issue 7/2014

A fortnightly update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.
What's NoiseTrade?
NoiseTrade has been operating for a while, offering bands a platform for sharing free music with potential fans - and therefore offering music lovers a way of discovering new music. Listeners can also leave a "tip" for the artist if they want to  - but it's entirely optional. There's no real catch other than that to download a track, you need to leave your email address, which is then available to the band to communicate with you.

Big news is that NoiseTrade has recently added books and audiobooks to their range, so authors are now able to share their work - and of course readers get another mechanism to try new fiction for the cost of sharing their email address with the author.

I've got a couple of books and an audiobook on NoiseTrade - check them out here. Have a look around - you're sure to find something to read and listen to. 
A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Skype by Simon Whistler of The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast. With him in Prague and me in Sydney, it's a thoroughly modern arrangement.

We talked for over an hour on my writing, influences and publishing ideas. The experience was rather harrowing, but hopefuilly my journey can encourage other writers to start out or keep going.

You can listen to the episode here, and subscribe on itunes if you'd like to hear from writers talk about their work regularly.
About Warm Honey
Warm Honey just snuck out before the last newsletter. 

My coauthor Steve McAlpine has been working on this project for years, and I have been constantly hassling him about getting it finished. In the end, he accepted my proposal to take over the manuscript, edit it and re-write some sections, and for it to become our second collaboration, following up The Queensberry Rule. While our first novel is a mystery/techno thriller, Warm Honey is a much more literary and thoughtful work.  

Here's the synopsis:

Life under the bleaching Perth sun is becoming complex for twenty-something Rob. With the encouragement of Charis, his new girlfriend, Rob leaves behind years of procrastination and finally attempts to contact his estranged father. Together, they have to deal with an unfolding family tragedy and the ghosts of the past.

The title is a reference to just one incident in the book, and there was much discussion about alternate titles. In the end, we stuck with the title the book has had through its life, but one of the alternate title ideas, The Bookshop, has led us to imagine a sequel to Warm Honey.

Warm Home is available now in ebook here

As a special launch offer it's reduced to $2.99 until 18 June.
What you can do
Keep the feedback coming!  Feel free to pass this email on to at least one reader friend of yours this week.

And don't forget to write a review on amazon if you can. Here are 2 lovely reviews that readers posted recently for Nanna's Cooking Tips:
  • Full of humor and a delight to read. I especially found the party chapter humorous. Also being of senior age, I can relate. I bet the book on driving coming up will be equally funny. An enjoyable read for one sitting.
  • Actually, you should be cautious even if you CAN stand the heat. Even with dull knives, Nanna is not a woman to mess with. She has Gramps to ride herd on, a bridge group to entertain, and those damned relatives keeping turning up expecting to be fed and watered. She's not putting up with any nonsense from you.
    This little book is hilarious. It's broad-stroke Aussie humor at it's best. I even wrote down a couple of things to try. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know who to blame. (Or thank.)
Meanwhile, let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear more about as a reader in the 21st century!

Happy Reading

Next issue: The Interview, the story behind Warm Honey, and What's Next?
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