Update 2014#1

Supporting the McGrath Foundation

I'm pleased to announce that The Diary of the 17th Man will be supporting the fabulous work of The McGrath Foundation. For every copy of one of The Ashes Diaries we sell until 30 June 2014, we'll be donating $1 to the Foundation.

All the details, including how to buy the books in paperback or ebook, are here.


I've got my first speaking engagement as a writer on 20 March at North Sydney.  Hopefully the title "Has the kindle killed the bookstore?" won't mean that the room is full of book lovers with pitchforks! 

Coming Soon

The Live-Fiction stories are banking up, so aiming to finish a few in coming weeks.  In the hopper are 
  • Botox Apocalypse, (I wrote 4,000 words on this yesterday!)
  • No Room in the Bin (co-authored with Steve McAlpine), 
  • The Meaningless Olympics (Co-authrored with Huw Luscombe), and 
  • Scandal (Co-authored with Matt Busby Andrews)

I'm aiming to keep in touch more often in 2014 - maybe about fortnightly - with writing news, reviews and updates. Coming up: What is Wattpad?

All the best for the New Year, and happy reading!