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Update for Readers

Issue 10/2014

A fortnightly update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.
New Release
Put the emphasis on each word in turn. 
>> GUYS can read. 
>> Guys CAN read. 
>> Guys can READ. 
Repeat, this time with a question mark at the end of each three word phrase. 

I’ve selected these eight stories for this collection because they each have something about them that appeals to male readers. Or might do. Not that females won’t like them, especially. Anyway, there’s no saccharine romance, no vampires and no soppy happy endings. But there are also no zombies, no dragons and no explosions. 
There is humour, there is sport and there are cars. There’s sadness and reality, wives and girlfriends, mates, success and failure. There is one “Game of Thrones” reference. There’s a story about taking the rubbish out, and one set in a hardware store. There’s one set somewhere that I can’t say or it will give the twist away. 

Guys Can Read features Home & Hardware, Spillage, Performance Anxiety, No Room in the Bin, Pick Me! Pick Me!, I Can Touch the Walls, Threadbare and Lost.

It's available now as an ebook at amazon for just $0.99 this week.
For Readers: Review Copy Offer - REMINDER
Potential readers love to read reviews of books before they buy, so reviews are REALLY important.

If you've reviewed one of my books on amazon already, THANKS! If you've always thought you might, why not do it today? All you need is an amazon account.

Here's the deal. Email me a link to a review you've written, and let me know what you'd like to read and review next (see list below). I'll send you a free review copy, so you can enjoy it and write an honest review.

So, get cracking!  You can find the listing for a book you've already read and would like to review here.  

Review Copies are available for:
  • Warm Honey - Twenty-something Rob is trying to make his way in the world when he is forced to struggle with events in the past.
  • Advanced Smash Repairs - Six Pack - Six novellas set in a smash repair business that "knows too much."
  • The Queensberry Rule - Jason has lost it all - family, job, security. Someone offers to help - but is it too good to be true?
Five Links to Explore
A few fun things from the web for you this week: Come across something fun that other readers might like to discover? Send it in via email.
What you can do
Keep the feedback coming!  It would be great if you could pass this email on to at least one reader friend of yours this week.

If you're interested in more detail about my writing process, I'm posting weekly Work In Progress posts on my blog - the archive of these is here.

Happy Reading

Next issue: Next issue will be on about 12 August, and be all about bundles.
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