Update 2013#3

First Book In Print

After much dithering, I've gone through the process of formatting Cracks in the Ceiling for print.  I'm waiting for the proof to arrive from the US, so after another check through, it will be available to order from  I'll keep you posted. Next stop, The Queensberry Rule.

What you can do

  • As I've said before, reviews are gold for authors, so if you've read and enjoyed The Queensberry Rule, pop over to and write a review.  Click here:
  • My offer of a free ebook when people sign up to this mailing list is still open!  Tell your friends.
  • If you're a twitter user, click here to tell your followers about The Queensberry Rule

A New Project? Diary of The 17th Man

Things happen fast in the new world of publishing.  While having coffee with a friend, he raised the possibility of writing a humorous fictional cricket diary, set on the current tour of India.  The first entry was written that night, and The Diary of the 17th Man was born.  The last man chosen for the Tour, he has his own blog now, and we'll be aiming to the collected diary entries as an ebook at the end of the tour.  If it goes OK, we'll continue on through the Ashes.

What's Next?

Things are progressing well with a couple of projects
  • Hammer (Advanced Smash Repairs Episode 4) is finally finished in first draft, and the final two episodes are plotted out.  The end is in sight!
  • The second novel co-written with Steve McAlpine, "Warm Honey", is a family drama set under the blistering Perth sun. This is well advanced and currently in editing phase.
  • Daily writing for The Diary of the 17th Man.

I'm going OK with the regular blogging ( aiming for a movie/DVD review each week on Wednesdays, as well as more regular short "flash fiction" updates on Fridays.  Latest reviews are Moneyball, Stand by Me and Falling Down, one of the influences on The Queensberry Rule.  Coming up soon will be The Firm, another movies that is in the DNA of The Queensberry Rule.  Other suggestions welcome.