From Dave 2014#4

A fortnightly update for lovers of contemporary fiction from author Dave Cornford.

Do You Like to Listen?

"The only way I read fiction now is by listening to audiobooks."

When someone said this to me last year, it got me thinking about podcasts and audiobooks. With iPods and smart phones, it's now easy to listen to your favourite fiction on the go.

We have enjoyed listening to audio books - on CD or from the iPod -  on long drives with the family. The stories we listened to have become an important part of our memories of each particular holiday.

Apart from buying 
audio book CDs or borrowing them from the library, there are a number of new fiction listening options:
  • I listen to Selected Shorts every week - an hour of great short fiction in every show.
  • Podiobooks is a platform for free audiobooks as podcasts.
  • creates and sells audio books from new and established authors
I'm recording two podcasts that you might enjoy: 
  • The Live-Fiction podcast has readings of some of my short fiction. There are ten episodes currently available covering stories such as The Project, Performance Anxiety and Spillage.  You can subscribe on itunes here.
  • The Diary of the 17th Man podcast has over 100 episodes of cricket humour, with readings of the daily diary entries from the blog going all the way back to March 2013. It's on itunes here.
If anyone is interested in the technical aspects of setting up a podcast, I'd be happy to go into the detail of what I've done. As for resources, I can recommend this episode of the Self Publishing Podcast and this free video course from The Podcast Answer Man.

Exclusive Review Copy Offer - Reminder

If you've reviewed one of my books on amazon already, THANKS! If you've always thought you might, why not do it today?
Either way, email me a link to the review, and let me know what you'd like to read and then write an honest review of, and I'll send you a free review copy.  The full list of my books - now over 20 - is here.

New Releases

Don't forget that The Diary of the 17th Man is supporting the fabulous work of The McGrath Foundation with its work with breast cancer sufferers. For every copy of one of The Ashes Diaries we sell until 30 June 2014, we'll be donating $1 to the Foundation. All the details, including how to buy the books in paperback or ebook, are here.

My son Jonty has recently written a novella for a school project.  It's Young Adult Science Fiction book called "Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear." It's about 20,000 words long and it's available now as an ebook from amazon for just $0.99

Coming up: Nanna is back with her Cooking and Driving Tips! PLUS What is Flipboard?

Happy Reading, and listening!