Update 2013#7

Ashes Diary In Print!

Ashes Diary - Summer of the 17th Man - England 2013  
The first and the funniest book about The Ashes is already available in ebook at amazon (Australian Readers / UK Readers), but is now available in print as well here.

There's nearly 100 diary entries and a stack of humorous illustrations by our resident cartoonist, Jock Macneish.

Launching Live:Fiction

The first three books in the Live:Fiction series are now available as ebooks.  Each of these short novellas is about 10,000 words long - and will keep you busy reading for up to an hour. 

 - Performance Anxiety is the story of a pro footballer caught up in the drugs in sport controversy.
 - Pick Me! Pick Me! is the campaign diary of a policatal candidate who's campaign is not going so well.
 - 15 Civic Square is a collection of three stories set in a bank (from Cracks in the Ceiling) that has been rebranded to be part of this series.

Read all about Live:Fiction here.

Writing more for Live:Fiction is what I'll be trying to do for the remainder of the year.  There'll be more stories, collaborations and a podcast so you can listen to the stories as well.

What you can do

It boils down to "Tell your friends" - about the books and the blog.  Why not tell a cricket-loving friend of yours about Ashes Diary - Summer of the 17th Man?
AND if you've read one of the books - write a quick review on amazon.

All the best for the remainder of the year!