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When was the Last Time You Went to Confession? Part 4

Let me bring this little series to a close with some final teachings.  The goal is that you go to confession frequently.  At Medjugorje, Our Lady says that monthly confession will be the salvation of the West.  Going to confession each month is a basic, primary goal.  Even more often will bring greater blessings.  For those who do not go at all (even while receiving Holy Communion regularly) the goal is to get there as soon as possible. 

Let’s say that someone promised you a million dollars if you would go to confession.  Wouldn’t that motivate you?  Well, your sins being forgiven is worth much more than a million dollars.  What if you knew you would die tomorrow; wouldn’t you want your sins forgiven?  I speak now to a Catholic who goes to mass and receives Holy Communion, but seldom goes to confession.  You must get motivated to go to the priest, either at the appointed time for parish confession or to approach the priest (before or after mass) and ask him to hear your confession.  This is not easy, but just do it.

It is truly difficult to be honest when speaking about our sins, even to a priest.  Look at your sins as rocks, (even some big rocks), stuck in your heart.  Getting rid of rocks, big or small, demands some effort, but the final result is great.  After confession, the rock, which had been with you for so long, is gone at last.  You are at a stage that you thought we would never be – free from something which you have carried for years.

To write this part, I spoke to a priest and asked a simple question, “How do priests feel when someone comes to confession?”  The priest said, “First, the priest sees the person’s good will.  They want to come closer to God and be forgiven.  The priest rejoices to be a part of that.  Second, the priest realizes that the person feels some difficulty in coming for Confession.  They are naturally somewhat on edge. The priest understands this. Third, the person often worries about what the priest will think.  But, every priest has heard so many sins, that the priest’s heart is filled with a desire to forgive.  In all honesty, priests are very soft.  No matter how far the sheep has strayed, priests are overwhelmed with joy to carry the person back to the flock.” Such are the thoughts of the priest confessor.

From a very holy priest.

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