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Be Perfect as Your Heavenly Father…But How? 

Holiness is an opportunity. Every person that comes into your life, every circumstance or event of you life, is an opportunity to be holy. Your holiness is measured by how lovingly you respond to God in the moments of the day. Prayer….being truly present to God and with God in a loving way…is the answer/the secret/the way.

For the majority of us, if we feel like praying we pray…. and if we don't feel like praying we don't pray. SADLY, we relegate prayer to a certain, small time or part of the day.  NO!  We must pray unceasingly.

The problem with the usual approach to prayer is that if we link our love of God to OUR feelings, if indeed our love of God is dictated by our selfish feelings then obviously there is a contradiction, because true love…God’s Love… is selfless. This is perfection…this is holiness: the constant giving of one’s self.

God calls you not only to prayer but to consistent prayer. The more consistency you can bring into your life, the more consistent your response to God will be in the moments of the day….and the more you will fulfill your only purpose for existing. Can you start today by thinking of Him living within you and giving him 5 more minutes today?

Based upon reflections from Matthew Kelly and Dynamic Catholic

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