"Access to Justice for All" 
Where are we now?

Dear Friends,

More than a year has passed since our community celebrated the UN’s adoption of Goal 16 — “Access to Justice for All” — in the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.  

This was
a major win. But we’re at risk of losing the progress we’ve made.  

Loud political voices are trying to close borders, restrict citizenship, empower corporations, and assault environmental regulations. We must fight to make sure the goal of ‘access to justice’ does not lose urgency, or get pushed aside as impractical or unnecessary.
We can build on Goal 16’s promise together. Here’s how.

SDG Advocacy Guide
This guide draws on the experience of reformers around the world. It offers practical, step-by-step instructions for putting SDG justice commitments into practice at the national level. In Kenya, for example, advocates used the SDGs to push for a progressive new legal aid law which formally recognizes community paralegals as providers of justice services.

Bold reforms will always meet resistance - we offer strategies for overcoming governmental hostility or indifference. The SDGs are a once-in-a-generation opportunity. This guide will help reformers aim high, and seize this moment.

Produced by the TAP Network

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"Resisting Injustice"

We’re exploring the contemporary justice climate in a new 12-part blog series, “Resisting Injustice.” Stacey Cram opens with six key priorities for building a vibrant global justice movement. “Justice needs millions of people to stand up and say that what is happening today is not normal. Justice needs you.”

The coming months will feature insights from diverse voices -- civil servants, artists, activists -- all sharing their strategies for making justice an everyday reality for people who are too often left on the margins.

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SDG Webinars

March 8th
Securing Gender Equal Nationality Rights

Goal 16 demands “Access to Justice for All.” But in too many countries, women are marginalized under the existing laws. Gender discrimination in nationality laws is a leading cause of statelessness. Join the webinar to learn how we can bring about reform.

Host: Catherine Harrington, Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights.

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March 15th
An Introduction to the Open Government Partnership

Implementing Goal 16 at the national level requires partnership.

Open Government Partnership (OGP) provides a platform for civil society to work with their governments to draft and implement policy commitments. Join the webinar and learn how OGP can help advance access to justice.

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March 22nd
Advocacy: Justice and the SDGs

The finale to the webinar series offers a look into the SDG advocacy guide. Experts from government and civil society will discuss approaches to implementing Goal 16 at the national level. Join in to learn how the SDGs can help you achieve your advocacy aims. 

Presented in partnership with the Transparency Accountability and Participation (TAP) Network. 

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The movement for legal empowerment gained immense ground with the adoption of Goal 16. We need to hold fast to that victory, at this time when progress is threatened. Let’s keep working, with flexible thinking and a creative spirit, towards a world with “access to justice for all.”

In solidarity, 

Stacey, Abby, Vivek, Ashley, Tobias, Luciana, Michael, and the whole team supporting the Global Legal Empowerment Network

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