The latest news & resources from Namati's Community Land Protection Program
Greetings! We are delighted to update you on our recent work and introduce new Namati resources on community land protection.
Three New Practitioner Resources
How to Determine Appropriate Responses to Community Land Encroachment
Lessons from Uganda on how to address different types of local land grabbers.

Holding Leaders Accountable and Ensuring Community Participation in Land Transactions
Reflections on how a rural community in Liberia reversed a bad land deal.

Grassroots Legal Empowerment Strategies for Protecting Rights to Land, Natural Resources, and Environment (Conference Paper)
An in-depth look at how Namati applies legal empowerment to environmental governance and community land protection.
Training CSOs and Government in Uganda
In October 2014, the Land and Equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU) and Namati trained 39 representatives from national and international NGOs and the Uganda land ministry on our Community Land Protection model - a step towards its adoption across all of Uganda. Most recently, in February Namati and geographic information systems (GIS) expert Alan Mills trained LEMU staff to use satellite imagery and GoogleEarth to support community mapping. View our mapping gallery here.
Fighting Land Grabs in Sierra Leone
Namati is supporting more communities in challenging improper land acquisition deals. This includes a case of a paramount chief who sold 2,000 acres to a Chinese rubber company without consulting or paying the 60 families who owned the land.
Expansion with Oxfam to Kenya ...
Namati and Oxfam International have launched a partnership to replicate Namati’s Community Land Protection model, with a focus on conflict reduction and women’s rights. Working with the Kenya Land Alliance (KLA), we hosted an introductory workshop in October 2014 for nine Kenyan NGOs and in February Namati provided in-depth implementation training for field staff. Kenya Land Alliance is now piloting the model with communities in Turkana and Tana River counties.
... and Nepal
Namati and Oxfam International are also working with the Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC) in Nepal to leverage district planning processes to strengthen community land governance and secure land for landless farmers. The new effort launched in November 2014 in partnership with five Nepali organizations. Contact us to discuss applying our model where you work.
Policy Advocacy and National Scale-up in Myanmar
Namati is collaborating with other civil society organizations to advocate for changes to Myanmar’s draft National Land Use Policy, informed by data from the thousands of land cases handled by our grassroots legal advocates. Namati and our partner the Civil and Political Rights Campaign Group have hosted visits from three other land rights NGOs interested in adopting the paralegal approach.
Learning with Partners
In February, Namati and our partner organizations in Uganda, Mozambique, Liberia and Kenya gathered for our annual Partner Summit. Together we shared experiences, analyzed how to improve community land protection strategies and discussed what kind of practitioner resources are needed to support new organizations. 
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