Webinar: How We Can Tip the Scales
Towards Justice For All 
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Dear Friends,

Justice defenders around the world are working tirelessly to put the power of law in people’s hands. But that vital work is in jeopardy. Justice defenders are chronically underfunded and increasingly at risk.

We can change this.

When our community comes together we can achieve remarkable things. In 2015, we did what many said would be impossible: we got 
justice into the sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

Last month, we launched the
Justice For All campaign to turn those words into action. 

The goal of this new campaign is to secure real financing and protection for justice defenders.

To win, our community will need to step up like never before. We will need to take action in our own countries and across the globe.

Please join an interactive webinar on Thursday, April 5th to explore how each of us can drive this campaign.

Register for the Webinar
In solidarity,

Stacey, Coco, Vivek, Abby, Marlon, McKinley, Indira and the entire team supporting the
Global Legal Empowerment Network and Justice For All campaign

P.S. If you cannot attend on April 4th, register anyway and we will send you a video recording of the webinar.


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