Dear Friends,

Basic rights are under threat all over the world. Providing legal support to those who need it is more important than ever. But the work of legal empowerment costs money.

In a new essay in Foreign Policy magazine, I offer four principles for overcoming the challenge of financing legal empowerment

The status quo is unacceptable. In our recent member survey, 37% of respondents said either “we have to make cuts but we will survive” or “we may not be able to operate next year due to lack of funds.” 

We need to find firmer ground. Are the ideas in the essay useful? How are you tackling the challenge of funding? We make progress when we learn from each other- please share your insight at this link


Here are three more resources on financing legal empowerment:

This recent report offers guidance on how to sustainably finance basic legal services at scale, based on a study of programs in 17 countries. 

Click here to download the report.
How to pay for legal empowerment:
alternative structures and sources

By Lotta Teale, Open Society Justice Initiative

This article describes creative funding strategies from all over the world, from legal cooperatives in the UK to a recycling business that pays paralegals' salaries in South Africa.
Advocacy: Justice and the SDGs

By TAP Network
In the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, world governments committed to providing “access to justice for all.” This new guide shows how advocates can turn that rhetoric into meaningful reforms—including public financing—at the national level.

Click here to download the guide.
Funding is an existential challenge for our movement. But we can conquer it together.

In solidarity,
Vivek, with Sonkita, Nadja, and the whole Namati team

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