Cherokee Life Magazine

I was thrilled to be interviewed and photographed in my studio for Cherokee Life Magazine's latest issue (September/October 2012).  The interview and photographs were put together early in the summer and it was great to finally see it in person!  ( hair IS longer now!)  The article has already brought several new students to my classes and open figure drawing sessions, and for that I am truly Thankful.  Without my fabulous students and fellow artists keeping the sessions going, the doors would close.  My favorite part of meeting new artists is their Excitement at finally pursuing their artistic dreams - either having never taken a class before or having put it on hold for other things.  That the article brought new Artists into our circle is fantastic!

I'm also very excited about an upcoming workshop with the amazing Casey Baugh later this month.  A WHOLE WEEK of painting from the live model with one of the Top 75 Artists of All Time according to the most recent issue of American Artist Magazine.  In anticipation of the class, and my own need to improve my skills, I have been introducing myself to beautiful people that I meet while out and about.  So far everyone I've approached has gotten back to me - a boxer with the most incredible cheekbones, a beautiful young woman with a striking red asymmetrical haircut, and this stunning young woman of Indian decent.  They have all sat for me in the studio, and the practice has been beyond valuable and has taught me so much.

Come by Ann Litrel Art and Studio 81 on Friday October 5th from 6-9 PM.  Part of Friday Night Live on Main Street..  I'll have this new series of paintings, and many more, on display!

Fall Inspiration

What is it about white pumpkins?!   They just GLOW in all kinds of light and reflect the beautiful colors around them!  I've been painting a couple of these beauties this week in the studio.  Practice practice practice!

The Pinterest Addiction

Well I think I've figured out where all of my spare time has dissappeared to.  Pinterest.  I can't stop searching out new artists, recipes, and inspiration!  Check out my boards at


There are a couple opportunities to draw and paint every week in the studio!

Tuesday Morning Painting Classes
9:30 - 12:30
Doors open at 9:10
Once class $35
4 Classes $100
10 Classes $200

Wednesday Evening Figure Drawing Group
Open session - no instruction.  Some easels are available.
7:30 - 10:30, doors open at 7:10.

Only $12 per week!  
October 3rd - Female Model