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Better Split testing. | Online version
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The time you are reading a very long intro could also be spent on reading the article and start running better email marketing split tests. So let’s skip the intro and get right to it.
Run a better email split test
10 questions for a better, smarter Email Split Test
Go and....

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Email testing done smarter

In other news:

Email can work just like a vending machine, scratching an itch and fully automated. Event driven email, pretty cool
Where Apple went oops on Email Marketing
Even the big guys make mistakes, I reviewed a newsletter by Apple over at emailaudience, because Apple went oops on Email Marketing.
See HIM Smile
A real Q & A page is in the planning (where you can ask anything on email marketing and will get an answer). Until then just contact me via email or twitter.

Stay sharp! - Jordie

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