October 14, 2015 Marston Memorial Historical Center

Digital Library Project

by Howard Snyder

Which Free Methodist books would you like to see available for free online? You can help us choose.

The MMHC and Asbury Seminary’s B.L. Fisher Library recently agreed to enter into a joint venture to digitize several fundamental Free Methodist books. They will be available without cost in the new online library of key Free Methodist resources that is being created through the agreement. Patrons will be able read, download, and print selected books.

The digitization of our first book was just completed. David McKenna’s A Future with a History is just about ready to be posted to the online library. You can help sponsor one of these books in its process of becoming globally available. $100 will pay costs associated with scanning, editing, and posting one of the books.

L-R: Howard Snyder and Paul Tippey signing the new agreement between MMHC and the B.L. Fisher Library

Several books have been selected to be the initial group made available. If you would like to participate in the digitizing of one of the following books, please send a check to Marston Memorial Historical Center or click this Give link to donate online.

  • Blews, Richard R., Master Workman: Late Bishops of the Free Methodist Church during her First Century 1860-1960, 1960.
  • Book of Discipline, Free Methodist Church (first three editions).
  • Carpenter, Adella P., Ellen Lois Roberts, 1926.
  • Hart, E.P., Reminiscences of Early Free Methodism, 1903.
  • Hogue, Wilson T., G. Harry Agnew, A Pioneer Missionary, 1905.
  • Hogue, Wilson T., History of the Free Methodist Church (2 vols.), 1915.
  • LaDue, John, Life of Reverend Scott LaDue, 1898.
  • Lamson, Byron, Venture! The Frontiers of Free Methodism, 1960.
  • Marston, Leslie R., From Age to Age a Living Witness, 1960.
  • Parsons, Vivian A., Kindling Watch-Fires, 1915.
  • Roberts, B.T., Fishers of Men, 1878.
  • Roberts, B.T., Why Another Sect, 1879.
  • Sellew, Walter A., Clara Leffingwell, A Missionary, 1913.
  • Sigsworth, John Wilkins, The Battle was the Lord’s: A History of the Free Methodist Church in Canada, 1960.
  • Snyder, Howard A., Live While You Preach: The Autobiography of Methodist Revivalist and Abolitionist John Wesley Redfield (1810-1863), 2006.
  • The Earnest Christian, bound Vol. 1, 1860 (with supplemental document-a unique volume).
  • Watson, C.H., DeShazer: The Doolittle Raider Who Turned Missionary, 1950.
  • Winget, Benjamin, Missions and Missionaries of the Free Methodist Church, 1911.
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FM authors Bruce Kaufmann and
G. Roger Schoenhals
have donated a copy of their recent books. The MMHC collects all books written by Free Methodist authors. If you are an author or know of one, please send a copy of your book(s) to be added to the FM collection.

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