June 4, 2014 Marston Memorial Historical Center
Phase II Expansion of Historical Center

Now that the Historical Center has moved its archival operations to the new (completely paid-for) Archives Room, we've begun laying plans for renovating the Historical Center itself to take full advantage of the space recently vacated by the move, and to greatly improve the ways we tell the full FM Story.

The renovation will include a new, inviting open entryway into the Historical Center; expanded display space; an enlarged library; and a new and more functional office for the Director. A unique feature will be a circa-1910 Free Methodist church sanctuary interior where visitors can learn with the church was like a century ago, gather for worship, or sit and meditate.

We expect total cost will be about $175,000, depending partly on how "high-tech" we go with digital and other displays.

Plans are provisional to date. We are again working with the team from InterDesign in Indianapolis on this, as we did with Phase I.


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What's New

Take a look at some of the videos we have on our website. You can browse through our video archive here. We have videos relating to the FM denomination's history and Missions films from the past.

Recently we added several issues of the Free Methodist Book of Discipline. These are the official guidelines for the denomination and are great sources for the history and development of Free Methodism. They can be found here.

Additions to the Historical Center

The Historical Center recently received and original altar and window from the Albion, NY Free Methodist Church. You can read more about these additions on our website here.

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