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Early FM's Sponsor Children

Moving items into the new archive room brings to light interesting material in the collection. Recently, we found a ledger dated 1901-1918 recording the names of 138 children in India being sponsored/supported by Free Methodist folks in the United States around the time of famine relief.

Girls Orphanage in India ca. 1900

The entries read like this:

Muntser supported by W.F.M.S. Los Angeles, Calif. - correspond with Margaret A. Mickal & Mrs. Jennie Clark McLeod. “Went away from us September 21st, 1903.”

Saguni supported by F.M. Sunday School, Alint, S.D.- “Ran away April 22, 1904, Returned April 28, 1904, Placed her in the Rescue Department of Ramabai’s school May 18th and she is given over to her as her girl. She is lost to our work, poor girl. We brought Saguni back from Ramabai’s Oct. 29, 1910. Now sponsored by Mrs West in Pueblo, C.O. Jan. 3rd 1911.”

Girls Orphanage in Yeotmal Berar, India ca. 1908 with Effie Southworth

Ruth supported by Young People’s Missionary Society, Norwich, N.Y. “Died October 21, 1901.”

Budhyarin (Louise) supported by Mrs. B.A. Gier, Conrad, Iowa - “Mrs. Gier has ceased to support Budhyarin on account of being old and does not have the means to do so. Supported by Mrs. Louise Badenhop, East Orange, N.J. 1909. Married July 14th, 1914.”

Effie supported by W.F.M.S. Brooklyn, N.Y. - “Father took her away”.

Lillie supported by Illinois Conference- correspond with Ida R. Winget, Chicago, then O.V. Ketles- Ketles has ceased her support and this child was given to Mr. John Knecht of Quincy, Mich. Dec. 30 1910. “Named for Lillie Ketles a child 10 years old who at her death left $30 in pennies she had saved for mission work. Married June 9, 1917.”

#42 supported by Miss Cora Geise, Gresham, Ore. - “Christian Herald Famine Relief Child” “Died July 14, 1901.”

Girls Orphanage in India ca. 1900

Clarinda supported by Clarinda W.F.M.S., Clarinda, Iowa - correspond with Mrs. Anna Taylor. “Taken by her husband June 10th, 1904. She did not wish to go but she was legally married so we could do nothing for the poor child.”

Premi supported by Foster Sunday School, Foster, Wash. - “This baby girl was brought here May 7, 1906 by a man who claimed to be her father. His mother held the child in her arms. The father said the mother of the child was now his wife, but that the child born several months before they were married and that the caste people compelled him to dispose of the child. He relinquished all claim upon the baby and gave her to us. The grandmother, putting her into my arms said, ‘go’. He gave ____ as the baby’s name and ___ as his own name. He gave the child’s age as one year. They belong to the Gand Caste. As ___ is a Gand name, the girls gave her the name ____. Fixed May 7th, 1905 as birthday.

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