December 7, 2016 Marston Memorial Historical Center

Year-end Update

Our Free Methodist Historical Society Members have stepped up and sent in over $17,000 in contributions in two months time! Our goal of $29,660 in contributions for 2016 is almost met (short $3,000). If you haven't yet given a year-end gift, it will certainly help us get over the edge. THANK YOU!!!

Preserving FM History

Evelyn Mottweiler, c. 1980 Julianne Class, 2013

Social Media News

This year we have been recognizing each of our Bishops' birthdays on Facebook. We have photographs posted for each one. Our website features several audio and video messages delivered by a bishop over the years. Check them out here: audio and video.

We have started a new Facebook page that will soon be replacing the older Marston Historical Center group. If you haven’t yet “liked” our page you will want to do that soon to keep up on all the news via Facebook. Our page can be reached here.

Growing Up Free Methodist is another Facebook group that has a lot of activity and historical musings. Even B.T. Roberts has a Facebook page and posts from time to time (However, we can’t take credit for either of these)

T-shirts $10

The inventory of the Top Ten Reasons to be a Free Methodist t-shirts is getting low. They would make great Christmas presents. Email or call 1-800-342-5531 x 281 to order yours today.

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Renovations Update-Pews Needed

We expect the Zahniser Chapel to be in construction in 2017. We’d like our FM churches to consider if you have 6 used pews to donate, to be included in the Chapel. Please contact Cathy Robling if you can help.

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