January 31, 2017 Marston Memorial Historical Center

Praise the Lord!

Our Free Methodist Historical Society members and donors to the Marston Historical Center joined together wonderfully and helped us end 2016 with the needed contributions to end the budget year in great shape! The Committee on Free Methodist History and Archives definitely feels that prayers have been answered. Thank you!

New to the Website and Archive

Rev. Walter Kendall served as Bishop to the Free Methodist Church from 1958-1969. Thanks to the family of Bishop Kendall two of his messages/sermons from the 1960s have now been digitized from the original reel to reel tape. Click here to listen to Bishop Kendall give his address to the 1969 General Conference and another from June 14, 1964.

In the archive we have several hundred reel to reel tapes, besides the hundreds of Light and Life Hour tapes. Contributions to digitize the archive can go a long way in making these audios available in digital format. Please contact us at history@fmcusa.org if you wish to know more.

Thanks to the Tidball family for sending in The Radical Christian, May 1881 edited by Free Methodist minister Rev. A. Sims with articles written by other ministers serving in Canada at the time. Click the picture below to read the entire issue.

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Renovations Update-Pews Needed

We expect the Zahniser Chapel to be in construction in 2017. We’d like our FM churches to consider if you have 6 used pews (1910-era if possible) to donate, to be included in the Chapel. Please contact Cathy Robling if you can help. history@fmcusa.org.

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