August 12, 2015 Marston Memorial Historical Center
Historical Activities at GC15

by Cathy Robling

General Conference 2015 held in Orlando, FL at the Caribe Royale was a success in the fact that the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident and working. The attendees were encouraged to better love God, love people and to make disciples.

Historical Booth (Jim and Cathy Robling with Julianne Class)

Our exhibit was located directly inside the main doors. Julianne, my husband, Jim, and I happily talked with FM persons from across the globe. Historical Committee members, Mindi Greiser-Cromwell and Christy Mesaros-Winckles were so nice to offer their time at the booth as well. We sold T-shirts, books and had several persons share their Free Methodist Stories in our video booth.

B.T. Roberts (Paul Patton) and Mindi took advantage of the bench at our exhibit “Take a Seat, It’s Free”.

B.T. Roberts (Paul Patton) with Mindi Cromwell at Historical Exhibit

The Historical Center sponsored three luncheons informing folks more about our collection which focused on FM Quartets- Led by Rev. John Owen, FM Bible Quizzing- presentations by Rev. Mike Hopper and Brad Anderson, and FM Global History- Dr. Howard Snyder and Rev. David Yardy.

L-R: Bible Quizzing Luncheon, David Yardy, Rev. Katsumi Shigetomi, and
Howard Snyder (click to enlarge)

It was a good time of connecting, sharing stories and being thankful for the rich history the Free Methodist Church has had for nearly 155 years.

What's New in the Library

As you may know, the process of renovating the Historical Center is going to begin soon. The library will be undergoing some big changes as part of the renovation. For one, In the recent weeks we have started a collaboration with the Asbury Theological Seminary to transfer our library’s card catalog online.

Previously the MMHC Library used the Union Seminary Classification system to catalog our holdings, but now we will be switching to the Library of Congress system used by the Asbury network.

This will be a huge task for the Historical Center as we have several thousand records to transfer. We have learned the process of cataloging in Evergreen and through the kind donation of a FM Historical Society member, we have purchased the necessary equipment. While it will take some time to complete, this project will be very helpful to us and our patrons. The end goal will be to allow people to find our library’s holdings online, hopefully encouraging more use and traffic at our library.

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GC15 T-Shirt
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Renovations Update

Fundraising is ongoing and if you wish to contribute to the expansion of the library, and redesign of the display area, please contact us or donate online by clicking the “Give” button and selecting library/museum redesign under the designation.

FYI: We are anticipating packing up the collection in the near future, but the Historical Center will continue to provide some information by email and on its website. However books and some other materials will not be available during the construction period.

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