This is a hell of a way to govern, Mr. Inslee....
Read this about the dirty tricks and double-crossing by Governor Inslee's Democrats -- here's someone who was there in the Senate gallery.  State Representative Matt Manweller (R) of Ellensburg posted the following on his Facebook page this morning:

"I have some very unfortunate news regarding this year's session. Due to a combination of immaturity, too much alcohol, and a lack of respect for the process and keeping your word, The Senate Democrats went back on their word and blew up all three budgets -- operating, capital, and transportation. We have enough money in the signed operating budget to keep the government open until September. After that we're not sure what will happen.

"I know people see a lot of partisan posts on Facebook full of hyperbole but I can tell you that last night's behavior by the Senate Democrats was the most disgraceful I have seen in 20 years of politics.

"For all you teachers out there that think the Democrats are your friends, they just sabotaged the 3 raises we were going to give you. They also sabotaged the $100 million we were going to give the Central Washington University and they have almost destroyed the tuition cut we were going to give all the parents.

"No matter how long I serve, I will never forget the scene last night of inebriated Democrats laughing about about how they had screwed everyone including their House Democratic friends and thinking it was funny."


Susan Hutchison
Chairman, Washington State Republican Party
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