abc art berlin contemporary
Agustina Woodgate

abc art berlin contemporary
17-20 September 2015

Luckenwalder Str. 4-6
10963 Berlin
U-Bahn Gleisdreieck (U1, U2)

BERLIN, 14 September 2015; Spinello Projects presents Agustina Woodgate at ABC Art Berlin Contemporary, with a conversation between two works: The Ballroom and Milky Ways.

Surplus and excess are the result of a broken industrialized system geared by accelerated production and consumption. These become starting points of observation, provoking an urgency to find proposals for the future of large amounts of stuff. The Ballroom, a constellation of 50 outdated hand-sanded world globes will be released to roll around the floor. By sanding away the topographical and political markers of the nations of the world down to homogenous land masses, Woodgate implies a kind of cartographic implosion. Simultaneously, she acknowledges the nature of competitive sports and child's play. The Ballroom becomes a representation of an ever changing ecology and a cartography that urges for a new assessment of the land and its use. Visitors may manipulate the spheres and reinvent cartography at their whim, which also occurs through random movement and placement according to the topography of the space. Politically charged, Woodgate’s work empowers onlookers to become participants. A substantial amount of these globes were acquired personally by Woodgate from the only educational publisher and manufacturer left in the U.S., Herff Jones. The agreement, on a printed invoice, stipulates that all printed or visible material must be eliminated before display.

Alongside The Ballroom hangs Milky Ways, a continuation of her Skin Rug Collection in which Woodgate creates handmade rugs sourced from recycled stuffed animal skins. With the pelts of found and discarded stuffed toy animals, Woodgate reinterprets the galaxy that contains our Solar System by painstakingly piecing and sewing together the expansive rug. These precious, metaphoric beings are transformed into decorative functional objects. Milky Ways will suspend from the existing ceiling structure operating as a backdrop. 

These two objects of surplus act as archetypes for previous generations of materiality, whereas today, the digital conquers and leaves these objects as nonfunctional and useless. Both reveal obsessive, labor intensive exploration of the surface, and both reflect a conceptual engagement with representation.


Agustina Woodgate, Meteor, 2015, Intervened 24" sanded library world globe with metal stand, adjustable height

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Agustina Woodgate graduated from Universidad Nacional de Artes, Argentina, in 2004. Since then she has exhibited internationally and has received honors and awards including the Orlando Museum of Art Florida Prize in Contemporary Art, South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship, National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), Art Matters Grant, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. Her public art projects have been commissioned by the Biennial of the Americas, Denver (Hopscotch, 2015); PlayPublik, Krakow, Poland (Klasy, 2014); the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Washington, DC (Daylight Saving, 2014); Bass Museum, Miami (Hopscotch, 2013); and Locust Projects, Miami (1111 Billboard Project, 2011). She has initiated and co-produced collaborative projects, amongst them include Kulturpark, an initiative in a Soviet-built, now-defunct amusement park in East Berlin (2012) and founded Radio Espacio Estacion, an ongoing online nomadic bilingual radio station. Woodgate’s work has been featured in publications including TIME, The Guardian, New York Times, New York Foundation for the Arts, BBC Mundo, Art Papers, Arte al Dia, and Artinfo.

Spinello Projects is a Miami-based contemporary art program founded in 2005 by Anthony Spinello. The gallery supports and promotes the work of artists with unorthodox and experimental practices. Its mission: to initiate fundamental changes in Miami’s visual landscape and to present new aesthetic challenges to a broader global viewership.
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