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Today, as we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, we are reminded that the struggle for civil liberties continues.  New information was released today revealing the depth of the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims.  We strongly condemn the unconstitutional and discriminatory surveillance of mosques and community-based organizations like ours.
We stand in solidarity with the Arab American Association of NY
and echo its call below for an end to these practices.

Earlier today, the Associated Press released new documents unveiling the depth of the New York Police Department's surveillance of Muslims program. 
In response, the Arab American Association of NY released the following statement:
"The latest set of leaked documents from the New York Police Department confirms that for over a decade, Arab and Muslim communities have been under unwarranted and widespread surveillance by police without evidence of criminal activity.  Mosques were subjected to "terrorism enterprise investigations" and confidential informants made attempts to infiltrate community based organizations including the Arab American Association of NY, the very institutions the NYPD sought to build relationships with.  
"The NYPD's approach to counterterrorism policing seems to start from a place that all Muslims are inherently suspect raising serious civil rights and safety concerns. Subjecting whole communities to blanket surveillance because of their faith is not good policing. These tactics alienate law-abiding Muslims and deepen mistrust between law enforcement and communities. That breakdown in communication puts all New Yorkers at risk.
"We demand an end to all forms of discriminatory policing practices targeting law-abiding Muslims and urge the Department of Justice to take immediate steps to open an investigation into the New York Police Department's unwarranted surveillance program."


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