August 27th, 2013
Snippets, by Colette Patterns

Do you trace your patterns?

We often recommend it because it's easier to make adjustments if you're not worried about damaging your original pattern. But there are definitely reasons to go the other way.

Charlotte T advises with this tip:

"I used to preserve patterns by tracing them rather than cutting out the original. Here's the thing: unless it is very precious and vintage I no longer bother. 

Why? Well, it takes me over an hour to trace a pattern. My sewing teacher pointed out that the price of the pattern is less than I would pay myself for my time. If I want to preserve the pattern I just buy another one.

I have found this tip very liberating!"

For us, the lesson is this: if tracing stresses you out or makes you enjoy sewing a lot less, maybe it's best to skip it. If you don't mind it and like having a duplicate to work with, it's probably worth it. There are no rules. Enjoy your sewing time!

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