Your Spring Reset, are you a greedy guts? home gyms & a insurance deal
Susie’s Tips for the Week Ahead – The Shape Me Spring Reset Plan -
With less than 8 weeks until Christmas it will not surprise you to hear that all is very busy in diet land. All of a sudden we have realized that the time to bare flesh is upon us, unfortunately along with the 3-5kg many of us have gained over the Winter months. Many of us are keen to lose weight, and to lose weight fast.
For a long time now we have been told that it is better to lose weight slowly in order to be more likely to keep it off long term. This belief has been challenged more recently. Updates research now suggests that losing weight relatively quickly may help motivate people to keep going with their new lifestyle plans, the key being we need to make sure that the methods we choose to lose weight fast are sustainable. That is the number one thing to always ask yourself as you try any new weight loss program – are the methods you are using sustainable? If the answer is no, chances are there are better weight loss options available.
And that is why I have compiled all my best programs, recipes and tips for quick, but sustainable weight loss in my new e-book – The Shape Me Spring Reset Plan - Not only does this e-book describe the process of losing quickly yet safely but it gives you all the specific information you need on meal replacement shakes, juice fasts, cutting back on sugars and the easy ways to get organised and take control of your food, your diet and ultimately your life long term.
So, if you have a few kg to lose over the next month or so, give the The Shape Me Reset Plan a try. It will not only give your diet the reset it requires, but it will give you a program to return to anytime you need to give your diet a reset, how handy is that?
Food Tip of the Week – Are you just being a greedy guts?
When I give a nutrition talk, I often mention the ‘Tim Tam’ test – the ability to keep a packet of Tim Tam’s (or other tasty treats) and not have to demolish the whole packet just because they are there. Often we learn such ‘all or nothing’ diet behaviour young in life, but as we get older, an inability to control ourselves can become a lifelong battle. As is the case with any type of self-control, to build this muscle is takes practice. Practice having tempting foods around and training yourself not to binge on them. Remember, 1 is a treat, 2 is for a bad day or 3 for a really bad day nut after that, you are just being a greedy guts, put the food down.
Product of the Week – Sirena Bruschetta Tuna -
A high protein snack mix that can be enjoyed with chopped veges or crackers as a filling snack.  
Recipe of the Week – Kale & Blueberry Salad -
1 1/2 cups kale leaves
1/4 cup mint leaves
2 tbsp. cup almonds, roughly chopped
1/2 punnet of blueberries/blackberries
30g goat’s cheese
For dressing
1 1/2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 tbsp. honey
1) Combine all salad ingredients.
2) Top with the crumbled goats cheese, drizzle the dressing and enjoy.
Your Body – Have you been thinking about investing in some home gym equipment?
A home exercise bike or treadmill can be a great asset for busy people. For a great deal on all home gym equipment, chat to my buddy Dean Piazza and he will take good care of you.
Your Life: Do you need some new health insurance?
Don’t forget, updates readers have access to this great offer from HIF insurance, one of the most competitive yet comprehensive private health insurance offers out there. They are my insurance cover and I can personally recommend them wholeheartedly.
‘With our exclusive offer for update readers, simply join or switch your health cover to HIF and  mention “SUSIE50” in the promo-code field and you’ll automatically receive a bonus $50 Coles-Myer voucher.
They’re also waiving all 2-month waiting periods on Extras services. Which basically means that once you sign up, you can claim straight away popular services such as general dental (e.g. scale & clean), optical, chiro, physio, complementary therapies (like acupuncture and massage), and healthy lifestyle services such as gym memberships, yoga, pilates and lots more! To find out more about HIF and get an instant quote, visit  

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