2016 Family-Pac Boat Cruise: A Great Evening Again!

            Our 25th Anniversary Boat Cruise on Monday evening was a great success! 

 David Barton, famed Christian historian, gave an outstanding presentation on American Exceptionalism derived from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He received Family-Pac's "Person of the Year" Award.

 Congressman Randy Hultgren brought his lovely wife and children and children and received Family-Pac's "Congressman of the Year" Award and he gave a wonderful speech. 
            Pro-family candidates who joined us included Senator Dan McConchie, Rep. Tom Morrison, Dan Patlak, State Senate candidates Mike Amrozowicz (district 31) and Tracy Smodilla (district 22) as well as State Rep. candidates Dan Gott (district 55), Heidi Holan (district 46), and Steven Reick (district 63). Former State Representatives Cal Skinner, Bob Biggins, and the wonderful Penny Pullen once again joined us.  
           A special thanks to veteran cruise goers
David Smith (I.F.I), Bonnie Quirke (Lake County Right to Life), Mary Anne Hackett (Catholic Citizens of Illinois), and Joe Scheidler (Pro-life Action League), and many other pro-family leaders for their loyal support of our activities. 
           Sandy Rios came back from the Cleveland convention to once again serve as Master of Ceremonies. Thanks again, Sandy. 

           Now it's time for all of us to get to work, register more value voters, and get them to the polls in November to elect our pro-family candidates...From top to bottom. 


Paul Caprio 

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