Sydney Moo Duk Kwan - 2017 - Term 4 Update
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The secret* to passing your Shim Sa
And end of year dates for 2017

We're now half way through our final term and preparations are being made for end of year assessments. Please take note of the dates listed below, and be sure to speak to Master Wyles if you/your child won't be able to make them. We don't run assessments very often, so it is important students do what they can to best prepare for them. This includes making sure they can attend if they are invited to test.

As we rise through the ranks, we shouldn't automatically expect to test. While at the lower levels a bit of enthusiasm can be enough to get through, the higher levels require more. This includes training on our own outside the dojang, improving flexibility, strength, general fitness and working on our attitude towards training. This is different and personal for all students, but there has never been a student with the perfect attitude; there's always something we can improve. Not missing a class, getting to class early, taking a few minutes at the end of class to help clean up, being more aware of protocols (bowing, using the correct terms for our seniors, etc) and always striving to bet better today then we were yesterday. That's the secret to passing a Shim Sa; it's called discipline.

Discipline is what will get you to your next level, no matter what level you're testing for. It's also not even a secret. We all know what discipline is, we've all heard of it before and we all know what the benefits are. The problem is that human nature pushes us towards taking the easy option, and being disciplined is hard. That's why we have to work on it every day, until it becomes our nature. Discipline is getting up earlier than you want to, staying back when everyone else has gone home, doing more than is expected of you, and making the sacrifices that need to be made in order to get the results you want. 

Use the next few weeks to reflect on your personal discipline and attitude towards training, and the result will look after itself. To pass your next Shim Sa, it's not how high you kick or how many boards you break, your success will be determined by your discipline.

We'll see you all at training.

Kim Wyles

Saturday 2nd December: Shim Sa prep

To help prepare everyone for the Shim Sa, we will be holding an 'open dojang' on Saturday 2nd December for all students from 9am - 10am, then the regular adult Green Belts and above class from 10am - 11am.

This class will be aimed at giving all students an opportunity to fine-tune their techniques before the testing. All students are encourage to attend.

Term 4 dates
Saturday 2nd December
All students Shim Sa prep 9am - 10am
Adult Green Belts and above 10 - 11am

Wednesday 13th December
Final class of 2017
Mon 4th & Wed 6th December
Gup Shim Sa
Students will be advised if they are testing, and will be required to attend both classes.
What about the annual pool party?

We've had to delay the annual pool party until Feb 2018 due to renovations. Our backyard is currently a construction site, but hopefully we'll be ready for party early next year.

Sydney MDK
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