Sydney Moo Duk Kwan - 2016 Term 2
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Classes resume for Term 2

This term will focus on the 8 Key Concepts:

  1. Yong Gi - Courage
  2. Chung Shin Tong Il - Concentration
  3. In Neh - Endurance
  4. Chun Jik - Honesty
  5. Kyum Son - Humility
  6. Him Cho Chung - Control of power
  7. Shin Chook - Relaxation / Tension
  8. Wan Gup - Speed Control

These were introduced by Grandmaster Hwang Kee, and are an essential guide for students on their journey towards Cho Dan (black belt). The 8 Key Concepts can be found throughout our training, from demonstrating the courage to show up for your very first class and shouting loudly for a ki hap (yell), through to showing honesty and humility during your development as a student.

The progression of a student through the Gup ranks (coloured belts) follows the path of the 8 Key Concepts. White belt students begin to develop a sense of courage during the early stages of their training, while red belt practitioners focus on developing better speed and timing control as they prepare to enter the Dan level.

The integration of these concepts into our training is what makes Soo Bahk Do unique – we are not just kicking and punching, rather, we are connecting our physical actions with a philosophy that can guide us towards self-improvement and a sense of ‘Pyung Ahn’ (peaceful confidence).

See you all at training,
Kim Wyles
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