Sydney Moo Duk Kwan - Autumn Newsletter 2015 - Term 2
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Winter is coming ...

The below photo comes from the recent Han Dol Winter Camp held in Massachusetts, USA. Regardless of how cold Sydney gets in the next few months, it won't be like this ...

Korean Terminology
How do you say that in Korean?

Every skill you learn in the dojang has both an English and Korean name. We study a Korean martial art so it's only natural to also learn (some of) the language to help us train better.

Check the links below to the Sydney MDK website for updated versions of the terminology cards, as well as the new version for the Children's class.

Terminology - Children
Terminology - White & Orange Belts
Terminology - Green & Red Belts
A page from Grandmaster Hwang Kee's 1958 book, Tang Soo Do Kyoban.
Rank promotion requirements
Youth and Adult members

The following is a guide to the requirements for rank promotion at Sydney Moo Duk Kwan. These are set by World Moo Duk Kwan, however have been modified to reflect the SMDK training schedule.
Hyung inspiration
Chil Sung Il Ro and Ee Ro

Below are two fine YouTube videos of the Chil Sung Hyungs to help with your training and for a bit of inspiration.

Chil Sung E Ro 
Chil Sung #2
 - Orange Belts

Chil Sung Il Ro
Chil Sung #1 - Green Belts
2015 Fees

Kids Class
$130 per term

Youth & Adults Class
$160 per term

Family discounts
2 students - $120 each, per term
3 + students - $100 each, per term

Preferred method of payment is bank transfer.

Bank details
Name: Sydney MDK
BSB: 064 175
Acc: 10835618
Term 2 Dates

First class
Monday 20th March

Queen's Birthday
*** No training ***
Monday 8th June

Children's assessment
Monday 22nd June

Last class
Wednesday 24th June  |  |  0414 603 725
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