Sydney Moo Duk Kwan - 2016 - Term 3 UPDATE
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Term 3. That's a wrap.

We're now into the final week of Term 3 for 2016, which means on Monday night we have the Kid's Shim Sa and the final class of the Term on Wednesday. Friends and family are welcome to attend the Shim Sa to watch and support the students. Class starts at 5.30pm.

For the students heading to the Melbourne Seminar there'll be no time off as our classes start (early) on Friday morning. We have 16 members from Sydney heading along, joining over 70 students from across Australia and overseas. This will be a great opportunity to train alongside some of the most advanced practitioners in Australia, as well as to meet Kwan Jang Nim (Grandmaster) HC Hwang. See below for a brief biography.

Term 4 classes resume on Wednesday 12th October.

See you all at training,

Kim Wyles
Grandmaster HC Hwang
Hyun Chul Hwang began his martial arts training on 5th May 1954 at the age of seven under the guidance of his father, Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee.

He earned his Cho Dan (1st Dan) at the age of nine, making him the youngest Dan holder in Korea at that time. 

In 1969 HC Hwang graduated from Korean University with a degree in Oriental Philosophy, complimenting his study of the martial arts. From 1970 to 1973 H.C. Hwang held the position of head instructor at both the Central Moo Duk Kwan Do Jang and the United States 8th Army Base in Yong San, South Korea. He left Korea in 1973 to take up the role of head instructor for the Greek Federation, and as an invitational instructor for the United Kingdom Federation.

In 1975 HC Hwang moved to the United States and opened a school in Springfield, New Jersey. With the expansion of Soo Bahk Do (known as Tang Soo Do at that time)
throughout the US, HC Hwang took up the role of the chairman of the Technical
Advisory Committee (TAC) for the US Federation, serving as an advisor for the development his father’s martial art system.

Over the years HC Hwang continued to devote his life to studying and teaching the skills and knowledge passed on from his father Hwang Kee, rising to the rank of Gu Dan (9th Dan). In 2002, with the death of his father, he was named as the new Kwan Jang Nim and president of World Moo Duk Kwan.

October Seniors training

The date for the Seniors training (Green Belts and above) in October has been changed to Saturday 8th.

This will be a special class for future instructors, introducing the basics of teaching a Soo Bahk Do class and the requirements for obtaining the certified instructor qualifications of:

  • Jo Kyo (Senior Red Belt)
  • Kyo Sa (Dan - Black belt level)
  • Sa Bom (Ko Dan Ja - Master level)
Term 3 dates
Monday 19th September
Kid's Shim Sa

Wednesday 21st September
Last class of Term 3
Fri 23rd - Sun 25th September
Melbourne Seminar

Saturday 8th October
Seniors - Instructor Training
9am to 11am
Term 4 dates
Wednesday 12th October
First class of Term 4
Class fees
Please ensure you have paid fees for Term 3. Speak to Master Wyles in class this week if you need extra details.
Bank details
Name: Sydney MDK
BSB: 064 175
Acc: 10835618
Sydney MDK
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