Sydney Moo Duk Kwan - Spring Newsletter 2014 - Term 4
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Spring; the green belt season

Symbolising growth and renewal, spring is a great time to put into action all those great ideas we had during winter; no more excuses! 
The dojang opens again on Wednesday 8th October, and with the warmer weather fast approaching, classes will begin to move outdoors. That means Ninja Runs for the Kids Class and tougher sessions for the Youth Class with lots of sweating in store.
The hall will be required by the NSW Board of Studies for a number of classes at the start of the term, so please keep an eye out for signs directing you to where we'll be training (we'll still be at Camdeville Public School though).
Congratulations to Millie, Ella and Nero with your latest promotions, and a big welcome to Stella to the Kids Class.

Term 4 dates 

  • First class
    Wednesday 8th October
  • Youth grading
    Monday 8th December
  • Kids grading
    Monday 15th December
  • Kicking in the park
    Date TBA
  • Last class for 2014
    Wednesday 17th December
Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

Kicking in the park

Need a reason to get out and about on the weekend?

Each term we will hold semi-regular weekend sessions in the parks in and around Newtown (most likely Camperdown Memorial Rest Park). These will be relaxed informal classes open to everyone; not just students, but friends, neighbours, family members – EVERYONE! 
The classes will focus on stretching, strengthening, bag work (lots of kicking!) and general self defence skills.
Everyone is welcome to join in, even if you've never done martial arts before. 
We'll provide more details once a date has been decided on.
Term 4 fees
A reminder that fees are due in the first week of classes.

Kids Class
$130 per term

Youth & Adults Class
$160 per term

Family discounts
2 students - $120 each, per term
3 + students - $100 each, per term

Preferred method of payment is bank transfer.

Bank details
Name: Sydney MDK
BSB: 064 175
Acc: 10835618

Share the Art

We're always looking for new ways to 'Share the Art' of Soo Bahk Do. One of the best ways to get students involved in promoting their art is through involvement in demonstrations. 
A demonstration is generally a 10 to 15 minute snap-shot of Soo Bahk Do, with lots of dynamic kicking, partner-work routines and board breaking to 'wow' the audience. These are not only a good promotional tool for the dojang, but also a great confidence booster for students. 
Events like school and community fairs are a great opportunity get out and show Soo Bahk Do to the community. We are booked in to demonstrate at the 2015 Newtown Festival, but that's over 12 months away, so we're looking for other opportunities before then. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let us know.
A collection of Masters: Group photo from the recent presentation night in Darwin (Region 1).
Students pictured above range from 1st Dans (black belts) through to 6th Dan. See any familiar faces?  |  |  0414 603 725
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