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By Larry Watts
Do you have children or grandchildren? Nieces or nephews?
Do you want them to be able to discern spiritual deception at a young age? If so, allow me to unveil His Nature TV, a non-profit ministry I formed which is directed to young people, ages 8-14. Through this E-Newsletter and those that follow, you will understand the vision, concept, content, strategy, and reach of this new 30-minute program series. It will be broadcast through Christian TV networks via Dish Network and Direct TV and therefore reach an worldwide audience. It will also be broadcast on the internet. It is designed with the assumption that many of the viewers will not be from Christian homes.

Since graduating from seminary, I have been involved in many aspects of ministry including evangelism and discipleship. Through the years, however, I've concentrated on teaching children and media production. I believe, WE ARE IN THE MOST THRILLING TIME EVER to be involved in ministry because of the transforminh power of media! Through an amazing series of events only God could have orchestrated, I’ve been blessed to have acquired a skill set with far-reaching ministry potential. Even though I’ve been focused on video ministry for many years, I never really knew much about Christian television. God changed all that when He moved us to Texas! Because of the expanding work of ministries like Daystar, TBN, NRB, Sky Angel, the Church Channel (and many more), reaching beyond the walls of the church is an amazing reality. 

What kind of program is the His Nature show? The central theme of the program is to reveal who God is through what He has made and what He has disclosed to us. We will be doing this in some ways which to my knowledge, have never been done before. I have no doubt it will transform children's view of God and bring them into a relationship with our Creator. Advances in movie production software will enable us to place our on camera hosts in a stunning, high-tech, virtual 3D world using green screen technology.

Program content will be very diverse and our styles will change to match each subject. Many will be nature-oriented programs. Other programs -- like our series on the miracles of Jesus --will be more like a history channel program. Central to every program will be the goal to instill into young people a true biblical worldview. 

Most importantly programs will be designed to build up and PROTECT a child’s faith in God and the Bible through age-appropriate apologetic teaching. The sophisticated approach we are taking in the production of these programs should draw the whole family to watch.

Talent Scouts

You can be a "talent scout" for us. Our program is designed to show kids that there are Christians in many advanced fields of study who have real answers to the questions young people are wrestling with. We are searching for people who are willing to participate in these productions.

Do you know of any articulate people to provide expert testimony in a variety of professional fields? We will be interviewing fine artists, scientists, engineers, designers, and specialists in all areas of nature study. Contact us if you think you know someone who may fit the criteria. Thank You


These are amazing numbers
What really motivates me to produce the His Nature TV program is how today's technology can be used to make disciples of all nations. Here are figures from Daystar, a Dallas-based network:

Daystar’s domestic audience has grown from 63 million to 80 million homes this year alone. The network has ownership of over 70 U.S. stations with 21 of those stations in the top 30 television markets.

Globally, Daystar broadcasts to over 200 countries and 525 million households worldwide. It is also the first Christian television network to broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week into the Nation of Israel.

Daystar broadcasts on Galaxy 19 satellite, which covers all of the United States, Canada, Mexico and most of the Caribbean. In addition, Daystar is available nationally on DISH Network (channel 263) and DirecTV (channel 369). Daystar is a free-to-air (FTA) channel with no encryption on the signal allowing viewers to receive the channel without paying any monthly subscription fees.

“We are globally-minded and want to provide ways for viewers of all ages and in all locations to enjoy Daystar’s Christian programming,” Lamb said. “In addition to expanding our on-air reach, we are working to provide our viewers the modern means of connecting with Daystar – podcast, live Web stream, live mobile phone viewing, Internet streaming, social networking and video on demand via We want to reach people where they are, providing them with uplifting messages and the Good News.”

Next Issue: Strategy

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