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                      July 19, 2014

I'm always amazed how well our team works regardless of the combination of volunteers.
One mind, One mission, One heart.  Thank each of you, on  the line and those behind the scenes. It takes us all.



Be safe and enjoy your summer vacations!
             See you when you return.                  


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Prep/Pack Site- Otwell Middle School,    8 a.m. day of dinner

Dine In Site:  Community Room @
 McDonald & Son's 
150 Sawnee Dr., Cumming, GA  30040

6 other Distribution Sites for Delivery

Please feel free to share our newsletter with your friends, family and neighbors.
We appreciate and thank all our volunteers and partners for their time, service and donations!


Pay it forward and share a smile.  

Our mailing address is:
2210 Goldmine Drive
Cumming, GA 30040


Mark your 2014 Calendars-

Aug 16, Sept 20, 
Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 20 


Love, Peace and Happiness,
Marc & Sharon


Looking for an item to donate? Our kitchen necessities wish list:

To-go boxes- now available at BJ's
To-go pkg. utensils
Zip lock bags-all sizes up to gal.
Aluminum foil
Wrap/Seal rolls
Salt & Pepper filled shakers
Coffee & condiments
Wax Paper rolls or sheets
Anything needed in a kitchen