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We have just had a great weekend of events - on Saturday the Trail Running Extravaganza and on Sunday a 3 hour Rogaine - both at Riverhead Forest. The forest was in great shape given the time of year and we had lots of feedback saying the course was a great mix of trails, with very little gravel roads.  I can vouch for this as I turned up at the forest to put the markers out on the Friday without my shoes, so ran for 5 hour in socks and my feet survived to tell the tale - maybe this is the benchmark for a trail run ?! 

Our next events are another weekend with the same format on the 24/25th September at a private farm just north of Riverhead that not many will have been to before.  This venue is stunning and I can guarantee you haven't raced on something like this before this year.  We have a preview of the venue below with some photos showing off this private playground.  The trail run is a choice of 4, 9 or 15km. Check out the details below.  Earlybird entry for the Trail Running Extravaganza closes on 31 August.  You can enter a trail run (medium course) for only $ that's a bargain!! Tell all your friends!

The win a lifetime of free entries to Lactic Turkey events competition finishes at the end of August.  Fessing up now - this competition is bribery to help us clean and update our database.  This will help us know more about you all so we can plan our events accordingly.  The prize should make it worth your while to update your details. We've had a bunch of people update their details so far so keep up the good work!  Once again the win a lifetime of free entries to Lactic Turkey Events you get:
  1. 1 entry in the draw for updating all your details in our system
  2. 1 entry in the draw for Liking our Facebook page - this will become a forum for all your questions and our event specific information.  Already a Facebook friend - not to worry.  As long as you do item 5 below then you are eligible for 1 entry into the draw.
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  4. 5 entries in the draw for referring a friend to sign up to the Lactic Turkey Email Newsletter (they will be asked to list your name when they subscribe).  You get 5 chances for each successful referral.
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How's that for an easy competition?

I'm off down to the Coromandel Classic multipsort event this weekend, competing in a team of 2 - hope you're all getting out there enjoying this fantastic sunny weather!


Shaun and the rest of the Lactic Turkey Team



Report from the Weekends Events at - Riverhead Forest

We had a great day at Riverhead Forest,  first with the Trail Running Extravaganza on Saturday and then the 3 hour rogaine on Sunday.  We're keen to hear what you thought of the Trail Run and Rogaine - good or bad so we can make future events better comment on Lactic Turkey Events Email Newsletter - Quick  Win Lifetime of Free Entries

The Trail Running Extravaganza is best reported on with photos as per below.  We encourage dressing up in retro running gears as the event is all about forest fun runs like it used to be! Delving back to Lactic Turkey's roots of running forest fun runs in the 90.  As you can see plenty got into the spirit.  Full results and more photos are on the Trail Running Extravaganza website.  The courses were off the gravel roads as much as possible and ended up not being too muddy considering this time of year in Riverhead Forest.  People came back wanting more and praised the course and course marking.


The 3 hour rogaine saw 60 teams competing with the highest score of 940 shared by Auckland Uni Tramping Club, Team Extreme Engineers (Alastair McDowell and Matt Ogden) and Team Hodgetts/Chapman (Wayne Hodgetts and Luke Chapman).  This meant it came down to the time to decide the winner and Team Extreme Engineers finished just under 5 mins ahead of Hodgetts/Chapman to take it out.  They finished with 6 minutes to spare before the 3 hour deadline.  All teams managed to finish before the dreaded "time out" limit of 1/2 an hour after the 3 hour mark, although one team only just...they finished 28 minutes late and therefore ended up with negative 40 points!  We had a bunch of school teams and 9 family teams with kids as young as 4 heading our for a couple of hours.

Full results are available at the Rogaine Website

Sneak Peak at Peak Road Venue

As mentioned above our next weekend of events on 24/25 September is on a venue many of you will not have been to before.  It is a private farm on Peak Road which is another 10-15 minutes north of Riverhead Forest.  I reckon this is a magical spot for a trail run and has already proven itself as a great rogaine area.  There have been no other venues to run on like this in the trail running calendar this year.  Rolling farmland with patches of native bush and some big Kauri trees.  The terrain will be a mix of running across paddocks, farm 4wd tracks and through bush.  We have used the venue a few years ago now for a P6 Adventure Race and a rogaine. 

You don't have to stick to the tracks
A few hills
Nice patches of native bush
Looking back at the event centre




This year we are doing two Trail Running Extravaganza's. One at Riverhead Forest and another at Peak Road Farm, a beautiful private farm full of Kauri trees and lots of native bush.

Delving back to its roots of running forest fun runs in the 90s, Lactic Turkey Events are going back to basics with a low cost event, with a casual atmosphere and packed with lots of fun.
The first event is based in Riverhead Forest on 20 August and the second at Peak Road on 24 September.  Both events start from midday to allow for Saturday morning sports.


A fun event for the whole family/social club/class/sports team/trail running group, we are offering three course options:
  • a short 4km course suitable for first-time trail runners/walkers and kids.
  • a medium 9km course ideal for runners with a wee bit of trail running experience
  • a long 15km course not for runners with a heart condition
These events offer a number of special features:
  • A friendly and fun atmosphere
  • Superbly marked fantastic courses
  • A non-judgemental environment – so feel free to wear that 80s fluro lycra! In fact, we’ll have a prize for the best ‘retro’ outfit!
  • Great value for money! Check out our prices (enter from $10, long course from $30)
  • A Saturday morning sleep-in – first start is at midday
  • Complimentary sausage sizzle
  • Prompt and entertaining prize giving
  • Certificates for all finishers
  • And a short drive home (as long as you live around the corner)
For more information and to enter on-line go to


The Lactic Turkey 3 hour Rogaine Series to be held on 21 August at Riverhead Forest and 25 September at Peak Road Farm, the same venue as for the Trail Running Extravaganza above.

Due to the change in venues away from the Waitakere Ranges we'll only be offering 3 hour events.  The rogaines are for teams of 2-5 people, a meal is provided, there's lots spot prizes.

For those that haven't done one of our rogaines and may be asking "what is a rogaine?" - Here's how it works:

You turn up to register 1 hour before the start and pick up your race pack (9am) and start planning your route. Included in your race pack is a map to plan where you are going to go. The map is a topo map with a few corrections we have done to mark new tracks (we supply this map). On the map there are lots of checkpoints, each worth a different number of points.

The object is to get as many checkpoints in the time allowed (3 hours). So in the planning time (1 hour) you have to decide if you will go far away from the event centre to get a few of the high pointers or stay closer and get lots of lower points. The catch is that you have to plan to be back on time, because for every minute that you're late after the 3 hours you lose 10 points (a big incentive to get back on time) and if you are more than half an hour late you get "timed out". You may find that you change from your planned route as you go because the tracks are faster than you thought - that's fine, you don't have to stick to your original plan. And you can come back to the event centre as often as you like.

So at 10am everyone heads off in lots of different directions - its a crazy start! The event is done in teams of 2-5 people and the teams must stay together at all times.

Then at 1pm everyone should be finishing at the same time. When you finish you add up all your points (each checkpoint has a wee flag with some letters on it that you have to record). We have a meal for all competitors (included in your entry fee) and then the prize giving.

The navigation is reasonably easy as all the checkpoints are on tracks. There's no bush bashing through the thick forest scrub!

Usually these are really social events with teams comparing where they went afterwards and debating the best route. The teams thing is great for the competitors too because you have to get along and take turns at navigating as well as a chance to catch up on any goss.

Refer to the website [here] for more details.

The Auckland Council together with Lactic Turkey Events would like to invite you to participate in the 3rd AUCKLAND COUNCIL SECONDARY SCHOOLS SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE which is to take place on the 28 September 2011.

The Auckland Council Secondary Schools Sustainability Challenge is for teams of 4 students who will compete in the three hour event, which includes a mix of running/trekking, navigation and sustainability based activities.  During the three hour event, teams will navigate to as many checkpoints as they can, collecting points for each checkpoint visited.  To earn extra points teams can complete sustainability themed activities which will need a mix of mental and physical power (hence teams will need to be configured with both brain and brawn!).  Examples of activities could be to follow a bait station line, identify native bird calls or make something from flax.
This innovative new event aims to:

  • Introduce students to a wide range of experiences and have them spend time in and enjoy the natural settings of Auckland Regional Parks
  • Provide an opportunity for students to show their physical capabilities through recreational activities in the outdoors.
  • Provide a challenge in offering a range of activities that help students understand how parks and our environment are managed, especially with regard to pest management (Ark in the Park, PTA control etc), and the impacts of recreation.
  • Help foster a sense of stewardship by exposing them to Auckland Regional Parks environments, how special it is, the threats posed to it and an understanding of how they can help minimise these.
The event will start (11am) and finish at Atiu Creek Regional Park.  A prize giving will take place afterwards with a few merit prizes for the top three teams and a range of small spot prizes drawn randomly.

The cost will be $10 per student.

Check out the website for photos, more info and results from prior events

To register your interest and receive an entry form or to get more information please email


The P6 Adventure Race is aimed as an introductory adventure race.  An adventure race that caters for the recreational to the experienced, using an innovative format that will be 6 hours duration for everyone.  

The 2011 event is on the 15th October at a secret location less than 90 minutes from Auckland.  The location is released in the week of the event.



The P6 is for teams of 2 or 4 people with no support crew required as the transition is in a central spot of the course that you will come back to at the end of each leg. The course is set so even the most experienced adventure racing team can make a challenge out of it, but new people will also complete the whole course.  The event includes mountain biking, running and/or walking, a water activity, simple navigation, team work, strategy and mystery activities.  

In the past we've used a rogaine format to ensure that everyone finishes around the 6 hour mark, but this year who knows what new format we may come up with?  Rest assured though, whatever format we'll still aim to have everyone achieving the same target finish time of 6 hours.

Check out the P6 Event Website for more details.


Have you read this? is a regular link to an interesting article.  Feel free to send in anything you come across.

This article is on a topic often forgetten in the post race or training run high.  Recover Eating - Don't let you energy reserves run low, by the American Running Association.  You can speed your recovery considerably and maximize your training gains after a long race or a hard training session if you eat (and drink) for recovery.  Your muscles are most receptive to reloading glycogen in a 15- to 30-minute window immediately following exercise. Blood flow to muscles is enhanced immediately following exercise.  Read the full article here


The New Zealand Running Calendar lists running events throughout New Zealand including 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon events.

Information and events in the calendar are added and updated frequently, so be sure to check back regularly and follow us on Twitter or Facebook or join the weekly email newsletter to be notified of updates.


Girls on Top is a club for women that was formed late in 2002, the aim of the club is to get more women (of any age) into the outdoors and let them experience different outdoor activities in a supportive environment that is non threatening, safe and most of all fun. The original club was started in Auckland, but now there are similar groups in Hamilton, Taupo, Wellington and Queenstown.

Girls on Top Auckland have regular Thursday evening runs starting at 6.30pm. Usually running for around 2 hours in total, the runs are split into slow turtles (walk) fast turtles (walk/jog) slow bunnies (jog) fast bunnies (jog/run) hares (run fast). Make sure you bring off road running shoes, water, food, a good head-torch with fresh batteries and a jacket and spare poly prop top in case it is cold and someone gets injured. Check the website for location details

The Huia Road Bush Runners are a small group of social runners and joggers – trails and dam roads preferred, no racing, no roads and they wait for everyone, all followed by a BYO ginger beer...

  • Tuesdays 5:15 pm - Mill Bay, Huia Road, 1st car park (larger). A 55 minute run along Cornwallis beach and trails.
  • Thursdays 5:45 pm - Run from the junction of Huia Road & Exhibition drive, just before Victory Road every Thursday, 50 minutes. Only 5 minutes from Titirangi…
  • Saturdays 2:00 pm Somewhere in the Waitakeres! - We wander around, looking for nice trails and routes, generally a longer run, often 10Km but with a shortcut for the less adventurous. Call or email for details of where they are off to each week

Meet at each location, sign marks the spot, or call Stuart on (09) 811 8990. Check out their blog at  for the Saturday location and get added to the email newsletter.


The XTERRA Auckland Trail Run Series - 4 September

The Xterra series is coming to a close with the last Auckland event at Hunua next month. The format for each event offers 4 courses ranging from Short (5 - 7km) to Super Long (21km+).

Coromandel Classic - 26-28 August
The Coromandel region is one of the New Zealand's best hidden playgrounds for multisport and adventure athletes. From surf beaches to sub-alpine native forests, the Coromandel Classic multisport race will challenge individuals and team competitors of all abilities. 

  • Day 1 - 22km MTB,  27km mountain run, 17km kayak, and a 28km road ride.
  • Day 2 - 15km kayak, 30km road ride, 21km mountain run and a 30km road ride

Tarawera Ultramarathon Run and Relays - 17 March 2012

intense | physical | emotional | spectacular | rewarding

The Tarawera Ultramarathon is an off-road 100k, 85k or 60km trail ultra. distance run from Rotorua to Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty. Running solo or in a relay team, you’ll pass through native bush, around lakes, waterfalls and follow the beautiful Tarawera River. Join runners from a dozen countries. There will be buffet aid stations, drop bags, pacers, spot prizes and free hotpools at the finish.

Tarawera Ultra. is the only race in New Zealand where you can qualify for both the Western States 100 (USA) and UTMB (France).

Run & Walk Events
Run & Walk Events are a fun run series for everyone as well as the official lead in event series for the adidas Auckland Marathon. Distances are; 2km for kids, 5km, 10km, 15km & 21km, the course is 5k loop course, this course is mostly flat, starts with a run around the ambulance track which is light gravel, then heads out onto the road with only 1 short climb up Ladies Mile, then drops back down to the race course where you will finish in style outside the main stand and then walk a few steps and enjoy a well deserved drink.

Next event is at Trusts Stadium, Henderson on 11th September - details at Run & Walk Events Website

The Genesis Lake To Lighthouse Challenge - 18-20th of November

The event starts at Lake Waikaremoana in the Urewera National Park, located in Northern Hawkes Bay on the East Coast of New Zealand‘s North Island.  Competitors will traverse approx 185 km of stunning native bush tracks, back country gravel roads, farmland and rivers on foot, mountain bike and by kayak, to finish at the coastal town of Wairoa. The key feature of the event is the use of the entire 46km Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk Track for two running stages, the second of which will be accessed by team members via water taxi.

There are three difference courses in the event this year:

Refer for more details.


About Lactic Turkey Events

Lactic Turkey Events has been running events for more than 15 years.

Lactic Turkey organises events throughout the year with the aim of getting people into the outdoors, having a go at something that will challenge them physically and for some events mentally as well.

Our events are aimed at people of all ages, fitness levels and skills.

Trail Running Extravaganza

PEAK ROAD FARM - 4, 9 or 15km. Forest fun runs like they used to be.  Low key, relaxed but great courses and heaps of fun!  Don't forget your retro running gears!....more

3 Hour Rogaine

PEAK ROAD FARM - Teams of 2-5 members navigate using a map to visit as many checkpoints as possible within a given time limit (3 hours)....more

Auckland Council Secondary Schools Sustainability Challenge

The Auckland Council Secondary Schools Sustainability Challenge is for teams of 4 students who will compete in the three hour event, which includes a mix of running/trekking, navigation and sustainability based activities.  During the three hour event, teams will navigate to as many checkpoints as they can, collecting points for each checkpoint visited.  To earn extra points teams can complete sustainability themed activities which will need a mix of mental and physical power (hence teams will need to be configured with both brain and brawn!)...more

Waitakere Charity 11km Fun Run & Half Marathon

Waitakere Charity Fun Run & Half Marathon provides something for everyone: an 11km walk or run or the challenge of a half marathon. Starting at Tui Glen Reserve in Henderson, Auckland the course is a mix of road and fitness trail paths.  This event is a funraiser for the WESTY Trust (Waitakere Events Supporting Talented Youth)....more

P6 Adventure Race

A six hour introductory level adventure race. No kayaks or support crew are needed so this event suits anyone - from beginner to pro!

The event will involve a water activity, mountain bike, run/walk, simple navigation, team work and strategy, and mystery activities.

The event will be at a secret location less than 90 minutes from Auckland, which is revealed in the week of the event.....more

The Greatest Little Fun Run in the Universe

10, 5 or 2 km off-road fun run along a gravel road in the lovely bush of Laingholm.

All funds raised go to the local Laingholm Primary School - the school that serves the area we run so many events in.

This is a Lactic Turkey event you can bring the whole family to - we'll be doing a 10 minute course for the wee kids too!...more

The Great Ape Race

A fun navigation event with a difference, raising funds for orangutan conservation. You get to race around the zoo after hours as the event starts at 5.30pm.  The “Amazing Race” like event is a chance for you and your family, friends or workmates to get a team together for an amazing around-the-world race at the zoo - no experience required, just a commitment to team work!

This will get your heart pumping, your legs racing and push your brain into over-drive as you strategise to work out the fastest way to reach a number of destinations throughout the zoo, answer questions correctly, and make it back to the Band Rotunda within the time limit...more

The KidsCan Great NZ Santa Run

A 3km fun run/walk around the Viaduct... Dressed in a Santa suit!

The Santa Run concept is big internationally with many Santa runs in the major cities around the world - and New Zealand is joining in on the action.

Our recipient charity is KidsCan Stand Tall with proceeds from the event going to ensuring all Kiwi kids affected by poverty can look forward to a brighter future....more

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