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Are you looking to build a more profitable business advisory service within your practice?

Business One Page Plan is a web based software tool designed to help you help your business owners master their numbers and and achieve more. 

Before you learn about how one day's effort can provide all you need to make Business One Page Plans help your firm stand out from the crowd and earn healthy fees, here's Paul Miller....

...Paul is Managing Director of Cornish Accounting Solutions, a successful 10 person firm in Cornwall.

He has already started with Business One Page Plans...
"Whilst many practices are still focusing largely
on compliance and tax services we are using Business One Page Plans.

It helps us provide businesses with what they want and what they need by focusing
on growth and on building a better, more profitable business.  
In the space of 2 months we have 2 clients on board with 4 more about to sign up.

The Business One Page Plan web based system
provides us with an easy to use, professional and accessible
platform from which to have focused, effective conversations with our clients"

Interested in seeing how you make Business One Page Planning pay off for you, your accountancy practice and your favourite clients - like it has started doing for Paul?  Then please join us...

....Join us in Birmingham on the 13th February for one day and you'll get everything you need.

When you join us....
  • You’ll see how the Business One Page Plan can add more than £300,000 of fees to your practice like it has done for one firm – they’ll be attending the event to share their insights
  • You’ll discover a simple yet proven sales process one firm has used to win more than 40 x £4000 Business One Page Plan clients
  • Experience for yourself the Business One Page Plan marketing presentation which can create a queue of warm leads for your firm if you choose to use it yourself – part of the event will be this presentation
  • It’s one thing to sell a new service, it’s another to do all the work necessary to make it work for the client and generate profits for your firm. At this event you’ll see how this can be achieved and ask all the questions you need answering
  • You’ll be able to practice the key conversations that make Business One Page Planning work (in a non-pressured fun way)
  • Starting something new is a good thing, keeping it going is what delivers long-term results. You’ll also discover how one firm has made Business One Page Planning the key sales and marketing focus for their firm. This approach was mostly responsible for £89,000 of new fees for this firm since November 2013
  • Learn how to free the time in your diary to make Business One Page Planning happen for you and your firm
When, where and how much?
When:                  Thursday 13th February 10.00am - 4.00pm
Where:                 The Arden Hotel, Birmingham ( right next door to Birmingham airport / NEC)
How much:         £249.00 +VAT - There's a special deal if you want more than one of your team to attend

100% Money Back Guarantee:      We want you to ask for your money back if you are in any doubt this event has delivered value to you and your firm – we’ll return your investment no questions asked with our thanks for attending.

Booking is easy...         Click here for easy access to our eventbrite booking page
There are only 20 places available on this workshop – we have 7 confirmed bookings before we’ve started marketing the event. Book now to secure your place and be ensure you are ahead of the game for 2014.
Looking to build a profitable and growing business advisory service within your practice?  
Take the next step - book this workshop NOW!        

Click here for easy access to our eventbrite booking page

We look forward to seeing you in February.
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