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The Soulmate Experience
Soul Opener 38

Give Yourself Permission

To Be the Greatest YOU 

Giving ourselves permission is freeing. And, in the long run, life is generally better not only for us when we give ourselves permission, but also for everyone else involved. When we’re denying ourselves, we’re essentially denying our humanness. When we acknowledge our humanness, we give the other people in our lives permission to be human, too.
Read this list. Choose three items to give yourself permission for this week. Include the one thing that you know in your heart is the one that would make the greatest difference in your own happiness.
This Week I Give Myself Permission…
To ask for help
To make a mistake
To play
To speak my truth
To do something I love
To relax
To not know the answer
To dream
To start over
To do something for myself
To be nervous
To enjoy myself
To not be right
To take care of myself
To heal
To be creative
To believe in myself
To forget someone’s name or birthday
To laugh at myself
To exercise
To experience pleasure
To fail
To follow my heart
To not know how to do something
To have fun
To feel
To take a few minutes for myself
To do nothing
To shine
To look stupid
To be fabulous
To say the “wrong” thing
To ask a question
To be authentic
To not be perfect
To fall in love
To be successful
To feel comfortable in my body
To change
To be scared
To like myself
To love myself
To be who I am
To be human
We’d love to hear about your experience with giving yourself permission!

With love,

Mali & Joe

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