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FoolProof Updates
September 2014

Below you'll find an overview of the latest FoolProof content updates.

Protecting Your Money From 2013's Most Common Consumer Complaints

Would it surprise you to know that the top consumer complaints of 2013 included problems with new and used auto sales, trouble with home repairs, and scams against the elderly?

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Video: Social Media Scams: Try These Tricks

Scammers are constantly targeting you on social media. To avoid being hacked, listen to Raul.

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Do You Have a "my Social Security" Account Yet?

Whether you are paying Social Security taxes or receiving Social Security benefits, you should have a "my Social Security" account.

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How to Keep That Vacation Feeling Forever!

Yes! Finally! After months of deadlines and a long list of tasks, stress and maybe even some sleepless nights, your vacation finally starts and you're FREE!

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